Babyliss E886e

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The shaver machine beard for men BaByliss E886E is a device that provides multiple style options for customized shaven, soft and pleasant. It is completely washable and has a digital panel on its handle that will allow you to view its power levels, battery and cutting length.

The BaByliss E886E is one of the most technological and evolved elements that you will find in the Babyliss shaver market , with a resistant, attractive and technological chassis that will provide you with a state-of-the-art shave with a built-in charging base.


What is our opinion on the BaByliss E886E shaver?

This BaByliss E886E shaver has 48 different positions that guarantee customization to the user. If you are looking for a precise and defined style, this electric shaver will provide it thanks to its power and independence thanks to a lithium ion battery that allows you a simple and cordless operation.

If what you need is to trim your beard and maintain the best appearance on your face, this electric shaver provides you with a quick shave thanks to its 33 ° pivoting head, which allows this shaver to quickly adapt to the curves of your face, being very comfortable to shave areas of the neck and chin.

It has a WTech technology, which easily catches the beauty and makes a uniform and defined cut. You can select lengths between 0.4 mm and 10 mm, with a 3D sharpening technology that guarantees cutting in the shortest possible time. It is a device designed for durability, thanks to its strength and high build quality.



One of the most interesting features that you will find in this BaByliss E886E electric shaver for men is the memory function, since this will allow you to save the position that you always use to keep the length of your beard at the exact point.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

This BaByliss electric shaver has some accessories that complement its operation and provide you with the best experience of trimming your beard.

Box contents:

  • Electric razor
  • Trimming comb
  • Cleaning brush
  • Lubricant oil
  • Charging base
  • Power cable
  • Manual


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • It’s wireless
  • Is washable
  • It has a memory function
  • Battery indicator LED display
  • Offers 60 minutes of autonomy
  • Charges in 90 minutes
  • Fast charging system in 5 minutes
  • Pivoting head

Opinion of Eric Rojas

“This beard trimmer cannot be compared to any I have owned in the past. It is quiet, makes a fast and gentle cut without pulling. It is optimal for both the beard and other parts of the body, as it is very precise and powerful.” .

The BaByliss E886E electric shaver includes a power cord and a charging station where you can get the best performance from its lithium ion battery after 90 minutes of charging.

This will give you absolute autonomy for 60 minutes, enough time to carry out multiple shaves before having to put it back in its charging station. It offers a 5 minute fast charging system to get enough power for a last minute shave.

BaByliss E886E Electric Shaver Design and Materials

The design of this BaByliss E886E machine is avant-garde and innovative, with a front panel almost completely occupied by a very attractive LED panel that makes it look elegant and futuristic. It has a fully washable, high-resistance hard plastic chassis, protecting the internal components of this device.

Shaver head and close

The head of this device is adjustable, allowing you a selection of 48 different lengths and making a clean cut thanks to its blades that are located at an angle of 33 °, cutting the hair from the base.

Its pivoting head adapts easily to curves, being very comfortable and pleasant to the skin. The locking system can be selected to protect your device when you are not using it.

Cleaning the BaByliss E886E shaver

The maintenance of the BaByliss E886E razor is very simple, since it is completely washable and only needs water for optimal care and to maintain the performance of its blades at their maximum power. With the help of the cleaning brush and lubricating oil, you can extend the life of this men’s shaver designed for personal care and provide the best appearance.

How to shave with the BaByliss E886E machine

With just a couple of strokes over the area, it will be enough to remove the most stubborn hair. This BaByliss E886E beard trimmer makes a very closed cut using the smallest measure, achieving a cut of up to 0.2 millimeters in its most precise cutting mode.

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