Babyliss Sh510e

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The BaByliss SH510E shaver is a special device for men, which is designed to shave your beard quickly, safely and effectively. It is imposing and has a cutting-edge technology that removes the most difficult hair without much effort.

This model of Babyliss shavers has high-end rotating blades and absolute ergonomics, with curves and lines that adapt to the hand to provide you with a secure and stable grip. This BaByliss SH510E professional barber is of high power and with double-sharpened blades that have a titanium coating.


What is our opinion on the BaByliss SH510E shaver?

Its multidirectional double cut system reduces the time you invest during shaving, while its fast charging system allows you to obtain the necessary power from your battery in just 3 minutes.

The patented rotary cutting system you’ll find on this BaByliss SH510E shaver is unlike anything you’ve seen before, being five times faster and making up to 5 million cuts per minute.

This BaByliss SH510E device has a titanium coating that makes the blades much more durable and guarantees the health of the user’s skin. They have greater precision and their double cut captures the most unruly hair regardless of its direction or density.



Its motor is absolutely silent, making less vibrations and ensuring user comfort during the shaving session. The BaByliss SH510E allows you to select from 50 cutting lengths, from a range of 0.4 millimeters to 12 mm. This device operates with two lithium ion batteries, being a perfect tool for those looking for technology and power integrated into a razor.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

This BaByliss SH510E shaver is a device prepared for extremes, including some accessories in its box that we specify below.

Box contents:

  • Electric shaver
  • Power cord
  • Cleaning brush
  • Manual
  • Charging base


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • It has an automatic cleaning function
  • Memory system for cutting height
  • It’s wireless
  • Charges in 90 minutes
  • 40 minutes of autonomy
  • Fast charging system in 5 minutes
  • Can be used wet and dry
  • Its head is rotatable
  • Ultra soft circular combs

Renato Higuera’s opinion

“It is an excellent beard shaver that makes an impeccable and very smooth cut. It is used to clean wet and dry and in both conditions it leaves very pleasant results. Its maintenance is very simple.”

BaByliss SH510E battery life and charging

This BaByliss SH510E razor offers impeccable power thanks to its dual lithium ion battery. Its cutting system is powered by a standard cable that allows you to have the maximum power of its battery for 90 minutes.

This will give you up to 40 minutes of autonomy, which will give you the possibility of doing about 6 or 7 shaves on average. If you need a last minute shave, this shaver has a quick charge system that gives you three minutes of shaving after a 5 minute charge system .


Shaver head and close

The head of the BaByliss SH510E features rotating blades that easily adapt to the contours of the skin. They cut flawlessly and do not hurt the user. It has a double sharpening system to make a much more effective and pleasant to the touch. This head has a titanium coated blade and a digital motor that reduces noise and vibrations.

Design and materials of the BaByliss SH510E electric shaver

The machine comes presented in a black gray and orange color scheme, looking imposing and aggressive, with a tough, rugged chassis with ergonomic lines that fit easily in the hand.

Cleaning the BaByliss SH510E shaver

Cleaning this shaver is very simple, since it is completely washable. It has an automatic cleaning function that only needs to press the button so that the titanium blades open automatically and you can place it under the tap to remove all the particles that are trapped inside its head.

How to shave with the BaByliss SH510E machine

Shaving with this device will be very simple, since you only have to adjust the length of the cut and pass them over the face exerting a little pressure. Its double action blades will take care of effectively removing hair, avoiding pulls and snags.

You can perform a wet and dry shave , without compromising the functioning of its internal components. Use circular motions to cover as much area as possible in less time, letting the blades on this BaByliss SH510E shaver work efficiently.

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