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What is the best aftershave on the market?

Shaving is one of the activities that, as men, we must always be doing, whether to a large or small extent. However, this can become a bit bothersome with the appearance of irritation or redness of the skin after a shave.

In my case, this was very common. I didn’t give my skin the treatment it was supposed to get after a close shave. Normally I applied cold water, but my skin was still red and irritated. This continued until I decided to buy my first aftershave after visiting the barber.

After the first application, my skin improved a lot and I no longer had redness. I was quite happy with the result so I decided to try different products. For this reason, today I want to leave you the best aftershaves I have ever tried, in case you are looking for one.

Comparison of the best aftershaves of 2020

Tips for choosing a good aftershave

To  know which aftershave you should buy, you must take into account some recommendations , such as the different models and characteristics of each one:

  • Consider your skin type: The aftershaves on the market can vary their components, depending on the type of skin you have, you will see which one reacts best for you. Therefore, it is important that you check before buying if it is for dry or oily skin, since this will work better for you.
  • Consider if you have any skin reactions :  Acne or fresh scars can be affected at some point by the use of an aftershave. Likewise, you should be attentive if your skin is easily irritated or if you have an allergy in any component. In this way you will avoid allergies and adverse reactions.
  • Choose the best format for you :  There are several ways in which you can apply aftershave. The most common is lotion, and it dries quickly. Gels are also a good alternative, since their absorption is much faster. There are also other models in wax form. Pick one that suits you.
  • Check the agents of the formula:  This is very important, and it goes hand in hand with the second point. In this way you will prevent any type of reaction to the components of the formula. Most have elements such as vitamins A and E. Be careful with those who use an irritating oil such as parabens or artificial ones.
  • Consider if it has a scent: A good part of the aftershaves that exist in the market today have different types of fragrance. Check that yours is suitable and has a perfume that you like. If you don’t want this, there are others that do not have any type of aroma but retain their properties.

How much money should I spend on my aftershave?

Let’s review a bit how much money you should invest in an aftershave, especially when it comes to having sensitive skin:

  • Cheaper Aftershaves (less than € 12) – Generally speaking, you can buy aftershaves around this price to help you after shaving. However, if you have extremely sensitive skin or have special conditions, it is best to go for something more specialized.
  • Better quality aftershave (more than € 12) –  One of the best ways to keep your skin flawless is by using an aftershave from a good brand, which can also offer you all the components your face needs to look flawless with the fragrances of your perfumes favorites.

What aftershave to buy? 

“>1.  FLOID After Shave

If you want to calm your skin after an extensive shaving session, this FLOID aftershave is the best alternative thanks to its vigorous menthol components, which refresh the skin.

It is a product that is designed exclusively for men’s skin and is used by professional barbers to give better finishes. We recommend that you apply it with small massages to obtain a better result. Take a look at its availability and price on Amazon.


What do other buyers think?

“This after-shave lotion is very good, because my skin is sometimes a bit irritated, but a few drops of this aftershave and it goes away.”

2. Proraso After Shave

All the Italian technology of the Proraso brand can be seen in action with this cool aftershave. Ideal for a shave, it calms irritation and refreshes reddened skin, making it an essential product for men’s hygiene.

Thanks to the amount of liquid in its presentation, but to the effectiveness of its formula, you will only have to use a few drops. Check the offers of this type of product on Amazon, they always tend to have good prices.


What do other buyers think?

“Excellent value for money with this aftershave, as it helps to leave my skin very good after an aggressive shave.”

3. Eternity For Men Calvin Klein

What better way than to soothe irritation or hydrate the skin after a shave with the fragrance of your favorite perfume? You achieve this with the Calvin Klein Eternity, ideal for the modern man who likes to take care of his personal hygiene. 

Made of natural ingredients, it is an emblem of sophistication and modernity in a versatile way, taking care of your skin from possible external agents. Take a look at its availability and price in Amazo n.


What do other buyers think?

“I love the fragrance of this aftershave that I have given my husband, you can tell he is quite pleased and no longer complains about his shave.”

4.  L’Oréal Paris Men Expert

If you are looking for an all-in-one aftershave, this option presented by L’Oréal is perfect for you. Among its components we can highlight its moisturizing action,  which protects all day and relieves the results of shaving.

It is designed with this HydraEnergetic system, which prevents tyranny and discomfort in your beard. It is not greasy or sticky. Check the offers of this type of product on Amazon, they always tend to have good prices.


What do other buyers think?

“Great aftershave, it doesn’t leave your skin sticky! It absorbs instantly and refreshes the skin very well. I have loved them from day one.”

5. After Shave PRORASO Eucalyptus

Finally, we must talk about this aftershave with eucalyptus that you cannot miss by PRORASO. With a capacity of 100 mL, you can have fresh skin after shaving and enjoy it without any irritant. 

In addition to that, it comes with the toning action for the skin of the beard, so it contributes to its development and growth. It is made with natural elements. Check its availability and price on Amazon.


What do other buyers think?

“It is one of the best aftershaves I have been able to buy, as my skin is no longer red once the shave is finished. Very good product and great fragrance!”.

Best Selling Aftershaves

How to use an aftershave?

To properly use an aftershave you must follow the following steps:

  1. Shave – This is certainly more than obvious for us to comment, but it is important that you do not use the resource until after you finish shaving.
  2. Close the pores on your face  – This is important, after you finish shaving, immediately close the pores with cold water.
  3. Shake the product a little  – Before applying your aftershave, shake it a little to avoid that part of the product has accumulated at the bottom of the container.
  4. Use a little  – Open the palm of your hand and place a little product by joining both to distribute them on the face.
  5. Make it even and circular  – Apply your aftershave carefully starting from the lower part of the face, do it gently and tapping with your fingertips to stimulate circulation.

Best Aftershave Brands

If you are looking for information on the best brands, look no further, here are the best by far:

  • Proraso –   It is one of the most recognized aftershave brands for the naturalness of its formulas as well as for its toning action.
  • FLOID –   Another brand that you should always keep in mind, since their products are used by professionals to keep beards in place.
  • L’Oréal –   They are leaders in skin care, therefore their aftershaves are hypoallergenic and non-irritating, made from natural essences and oils.

How do aftershaves help the result of your beard?

Aftershaves are products that take care of the skin where the beard grows, preventing it from being irritated and dry. In this way, it not only relaxes the skin but also helps it stay hydrated and nourished. Therefore, they are an indispensable resource for those who want to take care of their beard.

Advantages of using an aftershave, what are its strengths?

Now that we’ve seen aftershaves a bit, you want to buy one. Still not convinced? Then listen to these advantages they have.

What are the advantages of using an aftershave? Its advantages are:

  1. Your skin is without irritation after shaving.
  2. Pores remain closed after shaving.
  3. The skin is more easily hydrated, after an aftershave it is the best.
  4. Calm the burning sensation especially if you have sensitive skin.

What other shaving products might interest you?

Looking for more in Shaved World? I recommend that you take a look at our products so that you can find what you are looking for from the hand of our experts:

  • Electric razors  –  If you want a quick two-by-three shave, an electric razor is a must have to save time and get that perfect close shave.
  • Classic razors  –  If you have a little more time and want to ensure a close shave, then you can try the classic razor line.
  • Razors  – The sharper and cleaner they are, the better finish your shaves will have. Take the opportunity to find replacement and hypoallergenic razors.
  • Shaving  cream  – Shaving cream has been with us since the first shaves, so it is one of the most used resources for the properties it brings to avoid damaging the skin when shaving.
  • Shaving  brush The shaving brush is often used to help spread the lather of the soap or shaving cream evenly on the face, being made of bristles for that function.
  • Beard  oils  – Beard oils are also another must-have resource for those looking to keep their beards hydrated and less rough. 
  •  Beard Softeners  –  Beards are sometimes too harsh and troublesome to work with. But nothing that a beard softener does not solve, helping with natural elements to restore softness to the beard.
  • Beard soap  – The beard, unlike the other types of hair on the body, has to take special care and one of the best ways is through a soap for it with the right pH balance.
  • Beard combs  –  Combing the beard is something that should be done regularly to keep it flawless and just under control. For this there are different types of comb, which adapt to the thickness of the beard.
  • Mustache  wax  – Mustache wax is another important resource, as it helps you not only keep the shape of your mustache in place but also neutralize any kind of scent.
  • Products for beard growth  –  On the market there are different varieties of products that can help you grow your beard effectively and quickly. Here we leave you the most recommended by Internet users.
  • Beard  trimmers  – Beard trimmers can help you to give shape and length to that beard that you have without any irritation, with just the millimeters for it.
  • Hair Clipper  –  With a hair clipper, you can not only work your thick beard but also the hair on your head including sideburns.
  • Beard shaving sets  – When they come in a group is the best, these beard shaving sets are usually very versatile and useful to give it a first-class finish.

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