Best Cheap Shavers

What is the best cheap razor?

Achieving a professional shave  and leaving a pleasant feeling on the skin does not require a very high budget. There are very cheap models, which can generate incredible results and generate a next-generation shave if you need to invest a lot of money.

Here are  the best cheap razors on the market, where you can select models that easily adapt to your budget and provide you with an  incredible shave in one stroke. Ergonomics, control and quality come together in these men’s  shavers that will let you know that your investment was the right one.

Comparison of best cheap razors of 2020

Which inexpensive razor to choose?

1. Philips One Blade QP2520 / 30 – Versatility and comfort

The Philips OneBlade QP2520 / 30 is a beard trimmer, allowing you to trim and shave, all in one comfortable, attractive and very light device. It’s rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries later.

It has interchangeable heads that allow you to trim, outline and give your beard a better look. Its movable head adapts to the lines of the face, making an effective shave against the direction of the hair.

It is easy to clean, as it is waterproof, so you only need to place it under the tap to remove the residue from its blades. You can also do dry shaving, while the beard trimming combs come in 1, 3 and 5mm lengths.



The autonomy of the Philips OneBlade QP2520 / 30 is 45 minutes of continuous use, and requires 8 hours of charging. It incorporates a replacement blade, being very light in the hand since it only weighs 68 g

Opinion of other buyers

“Thanks to the OneBlade technology, I was able to perform a fast and precise shave. There were no setbacks or irritation on my face after each stroke. Its protected rounded tips prevent rubbing and friction with the skin. Very easy to move and its design it’s very attractive”.

2. Philips Power Touch PT860 / 16 – Strength and stability

The Philips Power Touch PT860 / 16 is a rotary head shaver, whose design and ergonomics make it one of the best acquisitions in function at a low price. Its Power Touch system significantly amplifies cutting precision, removing the most difficult hair on your face.

It has a dual precision system, which shaves the most difficult beard. It offers an autonomy of up to 50 minutes without using a cable, and it is completely washable. You can perform dry or wet shaving, as it is made with resistant, waterproof and hypoallergenic materials, which will avoid irritation of your face.

The Philips Power Touch PT860 / 16 electric shaver includes a built-in trimmer, which helps you shape your beard and trim sideburns. Its weight is 299 g, and its flexible heads adapt easily to the contours of the face.



Indicates your battery level through an LED display located on the front, it only requires 3 minutes to accumulate enough energy for a shave. It can be used with cable or bypass it once you get the absolute charge in your battery.

Opinion of other buyers

“Its cut is adequate, I made circular movements on my face while shaving and it can generate incredible results. I was able to use it with a little shaving gel and my face was smooth and without irritation. Recommended its purchase.”

3. Philips BodygGroom TT2040 / 32 – The simplest shave

The Philips BodyGroom TT2040 / 32 is one of the most popular shavers of this brand, due to its wide range of power versatility. It is wireless, which will allow you to do without the annoying cable while cutting hair in the most difficult areas.

It is optimal for removing facial and body hair. Its flexible head can be easily adapted to the curves of your face, being optimal for shaving the neck and jaw. 

The Philips BodyGroom TT2040 / 32 is a device that takes advantage of every millimeter of its preparation, with 2 heads on each side that will make you make the best investment for a very low price.

It has 50 minutes of autonomy and only requires 1 hour of charging. It is made of hypoallergenic materials that suppress skin irritation. It only weighs 499 g and requires a lithium ion battery to function.



It incorporates an LED indicator for battery levels and can be used for wet shaving. Its blades are designed with rounded tips to protect the skin during shaves, ensuring safety and control in every second of shaving.

Opinion of other buyers

“I have taken the full potential out of this shaver. Since I first used it it has given me good results, and after a couple of months it continues to perform well. A slow shave and a little shaving is recommended. pressure to increase its effectiveness. “

4. Philips OneBlade Pro QP6520 / 30 – Ergonomics par excellence

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