Best Corded Shavers

What is the best corded razor?

Although many users prefer them wireless, there are a lot of lovers of the traditional, who opt for corded razors. Here are the  best corded shavers on the market, offering you unlimited performance without the annoying interruptions due  to low battery power.

If you are looking for a close, clean and hygienic shave, we recommend that you consider the characteristics of the following  razors, which incorporate amazing features.

Best Corded Shavers of 2020 Comparison

Which electric shaver to choose?

1. Wahl Detailer – Discreet and Reliable

The W ahl Detailer is one of the most prominent electric shavers on the market today. Its traditional and classic look will make you feel that you have a true masculine tool for personal hygiene in your hands. It is robust and elegant, with chrome finishes combined with sophisticated colors that will make you fall in love with this Wahl model.

It has 3 combs destined to lengths of 1.5 mm, 4.5 mm, and 6 mm. The length of the cable allows you to achieve a good autonomy, since it is 2.4 m long. Although its materials are really solid, it does not have an exaggerated weight, since it only has 612 g.

The Wahl electric shaver is made with hypoallergenic materials and combs presented in a yellow color that perfectly matches the finishes of the shaver. It is made mostly with blades with stainless steel finishes.



Due to its high performance, it offers intimidating power when cutting, so get ready for the best shave of your life with this Wahl Detailer razor, belonging to the high-end series of this brand.

Opinion of other buyers

“Ideal for small hands. This machine adapts easily, as it has ideal ergonomics for trimming and cutting areas that require high precision.”

2. Moser 1400 – Classic design

Moser has an extensive catalog of shavers for men, presenting its model 1400, which offers a chrome finish on its blades, ideal for the most sensitive skins that require meticulous care.

The Moser 1400 razor offers a multi-click system, which allows you to select different cutting lengths. Additionally, it has combs that offer cuts of up to 4.5 mm, while its positions without testing cover an approximate range between 0.1 mm and 3 mm. This spectacular electric shaver, belonging to the classic Moser range, is an ideal tool for personal use and aesthetic care. 

It can be used by professionals or those just starting out in the world of razors. Its construction is solid, offering rigidity and stability while cutting.



Its vibration frequency is not annoying, so it will feel very pleasant during use. Aside from being easy on the eye, Moser has been dedicated to reducing as much noise as possible on this machine, as it is known that this can be annoying for some users. The Moser 1400 has a special compartment, which can be easily cleaned.

Opinion of other buyers

“I was looking for a corded clipper that offered optimum performance and power in its motor, the Moser 1400 did not disappoint me. The motor’s frequency is 6000 vibrations per minute. It is a light machine, since, despite being very robust, it only weighs 520 g “.

3. Wahl Pro 300 – Professional performance

There are razors that, over time, due to their quality and performance, become a reference for the rest of their competitors. Such is the case with the Wahl Pro 300, a simple, but reliable model that will allow you to achieve a fast, clean and safe shave.

Its blades are very sharp, with a selfsharpening system that guarantees precision for a uniform cut of your hair. Additionally, 8 combs have been included, which will help you achieve a perfect cut without much effort.

The Wahl Pro 300 electric shaver has an adjustable lever that modifies the height of the cut. Although cables can be annoying for many, the Wahl Pro 300 offers incredible performance, which will make you opt for it without thinking too much.

Its engine is highly powerful and offers a long life. You just have to take it in your hand to be able to experience the ergonomics and its light weight of 399g, which will make you feel like you have a very light feather shaving your head.



The Wahl Pro 300 shaver offers a classic design with state-of-the-art ergonomics. This will allow you to make haircuts with different angles, powered by a high-performance cable and with state-of-the-art technology.

Opinion of other buyers

“Its 14-piece kit will allow you to become a professional haircut from home. Its eight attachable combs are hypoallergenic and the best thing is that it has a storage case.”

4. Wahl ColorPro – Practical and comfortable

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