Best Gillette Shavers

What is the best Gillette?

The Gillette brand  is recognized worldwide for being one of the most trusted  razors  when it comes to shaving and personal care. Men from all over the world have demonstrated the  cutting quality of the blades  designed by this brand, which offers you different high-performance models with cutting-edge technology in their heads.

Ergonomics and movement control during shaving are absolute when cutting with these devices, which feature designs that easily fit in the hand and easily adjust to the curves of the face. The  best Gillette razors on the market have been analyzed in this summary so that you know what this prestigious brand can offer you so that you get the best results during your shaves.

Best Gillette razors of 2020 comparison

Which Gillette razor to choose?

1. Gillette 7702018359677 – Ergonomic Technology

The Gillette 7702018359677 shaver kit has some elements that will give you the possibility of making different professional cuts and finishes on your face. The blades of this excellent shaver are designed with the best technology, with an edge that is responsible for removing hair and does not generate irritation to the skin.

This Gillette 7702018359677 shaver has an ergonomic anti- slip grip that gives you the possibility of accessing a firm and stable grip, with areas of non-slip rubber for greater comfort.

Its head has a lamella technology that allows instant fast cutting thanks to its double action technology. It includes a variety of combs allow you to cut different lengths, as well as a head Fusion ProGlide of five blades that will give the most perfect shave.

Gillette is recognized for the precision and smoothness of its cuts, so, in this kit you will find shaving gel and travel case included, which will allow you to take this Gillette 7702018359677 anywhere and perform the maintenance of your beard and personal care without any problem.

Gillette’s Fusion Pro Glide line features high cutting power and absolute stability in performance. It is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower without any inconvenience, being optimal for cutting hair on your face, or body. The design used in this device is very thin and easy to handle, optimal for trimming, since it includes three adaptable combs with different lengths.



If you want to define lines or contours, the head of this Gillette 7702018359677 shaver is ideal for shaves that require a close cut. It has a battery that offers soothing micro pulses, which can reduce friction and enhance the shaving experience. It operates on AA batteries that can be easily replaced by the user.

Opinion of other buyers

“This razor is everything I have been looking for for a while. It allows me to get very close shaves with a very nice finish. The heads are easily interchangeable and its clipping penises allow me to maintain a personalized style without any inconvenience. I recommend your purchase “.

2. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler – Versatility and Reliability

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler multipurpose machine developed by Gillette has the ability to provide you with the functions of a trimmer, shaver and trimmer. This device has different heads that will give you the possibility to select multiple lengths to obtain a custom finish.

Its trimmer allows you to profile and define the edges safely thanks to the high quality of its cutting blades. It is stable and offers high power, operating with an AA battery that provides absolute autonomy to this device.

Being slim and ergonomic, it is easy to handle and you can take it anywhere discreetly, making it a perfect travel companion for those looking for a compact and resistant device.

Its interchangeable heads can be installed quickly, incorporating a five-blade razor that allows a perfect close-up. 

The technology used by Gillette in the development of this Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler is high-end with resistant and hypoallergenic materials that protect the skin during the passes and do not generate irritation.

Its rounded tips protect the user and generate a comfortable shave, while each of the trimming combs incorporated in this kit of your Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler electric shaver allow you to vary the styles periodically, achieving a personalized and pleasant style thanks to the reliability that this shaver offers you.

It is a 3-in-1 device that is created to cut evenly using maximum precision. Being waterproof, you can use it in the shower, being an optimal device for shaving the face and body. It has a blade stabilizer system, which will provide greater comfort during passes and is ideal for adjusting to the contours.

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler electric shaver features a lubricating strip that allows the head to glide easily across the skin, preventing irritation after multiple strokes.



If you are looking for a powerful and versatile shaver, this device features a high performance precision trimmer that allows you to generate defined lines in your beard and to trim sideburns. It is very light, since it only weighs 154 g, and by operating with AA batteries it guarantees you absolute autonomy since it does not operate with a cable.

Opinion of other buyers

“It is a high performance shaver that has given me the results I expected. Just by exchanging the head I can get very professional finishes without suffering irritation at any time. I recommend its purchase.”

3. Gillette Fusion Styler Gift Pack – The Power of Precision

The Gillette Fusion Styler Gift Pack is the perfect combination any man needs for the best shaving experience. It has a high-powered razor that allows high-precision trimming, shaping beards, sideburns and mustache.

Its cutting technology allows you to reduce the time of your shave in an effective way, incorporating some trimming combs that will give you the possibility to select different lengths and obtain the personalized look you want.

It includes a Fusion Pro Glide razor, which can be easily installed on its head and provides a perfect shave, leaving the skin soft and smooth without irritation. Gillette guarantees you the best shaving experience, allowing you to perform wet shaves, since it is completely waterproof.

You can use gel or shaving foam to improve the glide of its blades and make the smooth and effective shave that you want so much. Operating with AA batteries, this Gillette Fusion Styler Gift Pack allows you absolute freedom during shaving, ideal for reaching the most difficult areas of your face and body, removing hair from the roots and leaving the skin soft.

This Gillette Fusion Styler Gift Pack includes all the accessories needed to access a great professional shave, with a comprehensive set for optimal trimming, contouring and shaving. It includes hydrating gel for your face, which guarantees you a fresh and effective shave.



Includes 3 trimming combs, which help you keep the beard in the precise measure. It only weighs 627 g, being one of the most popular shavers of this brand, guaranteeing good results in a short time and remaining constant during your shaving session.

Opinion of other buyers

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