Best Moser Shavers

What is the best Moser razor?

The shavers Moser  are devices that offer the guarantee of comfort, precision and smoothness during shaving, developed with the best technology of cutting and ergonomics that makes them easy to stand out from the rest of  shavers.

Their  designs are innovative  and offer high-end features for any type of user, adapting to the demands of the most sensitive skin and the most difficult beards.

The  best Moser shavers have been gathered in this brief analysis in order to highlight their most notable characteristics and thus, you can acquire the most efficient and reliable product for your personal care session.

Comparison of the best Moser razors of 2020

Which Moser shaver to choose?

1. Moser Animalline – The best comfort for your pet

This Moser Animalline shaver is exclusively designed to cut your pet’s hair, therefore, a powerful and constant motor has been incorporated that does not hook or pull the hair, generating a pleasant, safe and very comfortable shave.

The power of its motor is 45 W and it has a double speed to face the most extreme conditions. The Moser Animalline works with cable and its heads can be exchanged easily after wear.

The Moser Animalline hair clipper for animals is made of resistant materials, designed with German technology, with high precision and good maneuverability. Its cable is 3 m long, being high-performance, round and very flexible for good handling while shaving.

Its cutting head has a length of 3 mm, with a sharpening of rounded tips that do not hurt the skin of the animal. Moser has included a removable air filter, which allows for easy maintenance and quick cleaning of this electric shaver.



Haircutting your pet can be a real odyssey if you don’t have the right tool, so this Moser Animalline shaver will become an easy way to perform this task, thanks to its ergonomics, blade performance and power of your engine.

Opinion of other buyers

“It is a simple, fast and very stable shaver, I have used it for months and it still remains as the first day. I recommend its purchase, since the results have been very pleasant”.

2. Moser Li + Pro Mini – Compact and efficient

The Moser Li + Pro Mini shaver is a clipper that includes a charging base where you can keep it constantly ready for a new shaving session. On this same base you can place your lubricating oil cleaning brush, always maintaining quick access to this device that will provide you with smooth and very comfortable shaves.

The Moser Li + Pro Mini is designed to trim thicker hair and boasts high standard power, powered by its Star Blade II blade technology . This professional trimming head can make cuts from 0.4 millimeters, behaving quickly and safely without hurting the skin.

You can make a head change in a simple way, since these are quickly disassembled and you can perform a deep cleaning of the device by simply removing the screws. It is a very precise and compact shaver, optimal for custom styling your hair and creating fine lines.

Professionals know quality and this Moser Li + Pro Mini machine is very popular in this industry, having a cable that allows you to carry out long shaves or you can use it wirelessly to increase autonomy. It has a fast charging system that only requires 45 minutes.



If you are looking for a compact, nice and high-performance device, this Moser Li + Pro Mini shaver will provide you with the results you have always been looking for at a very low price. It comes in a hard plastic chassis with a stainless steel head.

Opinion of other buyers

“I have used this machine to trim my beard and head hair, resulting in a much more pleasant device than I expected. It is reliable, quiet and very smooth during the passes, so I highly recommend its purchase.”

3. Moser 1902.0460 – Speed ​​and reliability 

The Moser 1902.0460 shaver is a trimmer that includes an extensive kit of accessories that will make your personal care session very simple and safe. It includes an LED panel that indicates battery levels and its construction is solid and very attractive.

Its stainless steel head allows for hypoallergenic shaves that do not irritate the skin or pull on the hair. Its tips are sharpened with diamond technology, which guarantees an exact, fast and instantaneous cut.

It has a 1 minute fast charge, which will give you the ability to do last minute shaves for up to 3 minutes. It is powerful, reliable and its lithium ion battery guarantees a constant cutting power that does not vary at any time.

It is presented in a 680 g box, being very light and very pleasant to shave without exhaustion. In the box you will find a charger, eight trimming combs, scissors and materials for maintenance.



If you’re looking for a shaver that can provide you with a wide selection of custom styles, this Moser 1902.0460 cordless electric shaver will give you the ability to safely carry it anywhere for your grooming session at any time.

Opinion of other buyers

“It is a shaver that simplifies my shaves significantly. Its blades perform reliably, avoiding painful snags and annoying pulls. It does not jam and its cut is a high quality report. I recommend it.”

4. Moser 1030.0460 – Attractive and comfortable design


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