Best Professional Shavers

What is the best professional razor?

The quality of the shaving of a machine is proportional to its construction and materials used in its elaboration. Buying a razor High-end guarantees effective results in less time than a generic and conventional shaver.

Next, we show you the  best professional shavers on the market. An objective selection has been made thinking about the best quality and price, highlighting the most relevant characteristics of each one, which makes them remarkable and highly effective when it comes to removing hair from your body.

Comparison of the best professional shavers of 2021

What type of professional razor are you looking for?

Which professional shaver to choose?

1. Wahl Finale Lithium – Simplicity and power

The Wahl Finale Lithium shaver is a special cordless device for cutting body hair. It is high-tech and has hypoallergenic gold foils that allow a close shave of 0.1 mm without any irritation. For its operation it requires a lithium ion battery that is already included and is long-lasting.

Its appearance is striking but avant-garde. It combines high-end materials that provide you with an impressive resistance. It has 6 different combs with which you can trim the hair from any part of your body without any inconvenience. Its advanced blades allow you to achieve a perfect shave for the most accentuated gradients and fades at more than 10,000 revolutions per minute.

The Wahl Finale Lithium head is easy to remove, allowing for instant deep cleaning. Among the benefits of this machine it is also taken into account that it can be used with or without wiring.



The Wahl Finale Lithium professional machine is silent, and will allow you to make precise cuts with 8 0 minutes of autonomy, which requires 120  minutes of charging for its effective and constant operation.

Opinion of other buyers

I liked its design since I had it in my hands for the first time. Wahl has selected high quality materials and the fact that it is hypoallergenic makes it better. I really liked its look because I feel it still has that retro vibe.”

two. Braun Series 5 WaterFlex WF2s – Precision and smoothness

Having a powerful, fast and efficient electric shaver like the  Braun Series 5 WaterFlex WF2s Professional Electric Shaver for Men is a rewarding experience. It will make you feel that your investment has been paid with every euro, thanks to its high-end quality materials and guaranteed performance.

This Braun Series 5 WaterFlex WF2s shaver  features a 33 degree oscillating head to maintain gentle skin contact even in hard-to-reach areas. It integrates different accessories such as a brush, which will allow you to achieve a clean and professional finish on your face.

It has an LED light, where you can observe the battery levels. Because it is waterproof, you can use the razor wet or dry, creating an incredible shave without annoying irritation.



The Braun Series 5 WaterFlex WF2s only needs 1 hour to generate a shave of up to 45 minutes of continuous use and 5 minutes if it is a fast charge. This  ergonomic shaver  allows you to use it without worrying about gel, foam or water.  

Opinion of other buyers

“It has worked perfectly from the start. It adapts quickly to the lines of my face and has not caused irritation or damage to the skin. I have a couple of months with it and it has not disappointed me at all, the quality exceeded my expectations” .

3. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3030S – Conditioned for perfection

The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3030S professional shaver with 3 floating cutting elements that move independently adapting to the contours, is a special model for those looking for high performance and the best quality in their shaving. Its power is high performance and allows an autonomy of 45 minutes after obtaining the absolute charge in its battery.

It has an LED light where you can see its battery levels, as well as you can enjoy a quiet and pleasant shave, thanks to its cutting-edge stainless steel blades. Its head is specially designed with its specialized MicroComb comb, which catches more hair in one stroke and provides a faster and smoother shave.

If the head remains static but being a piovitant it is an advantage for our face. Brings a precision removable trimmer integrated optimal for shaping mustache and sideburns. It is an ideal professional electric shaver for your face, neck or jaw. The  Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3030S professional shaver  is waterproof, allowing it to be used in the shower without any hassle.



The B raun Series 3 ProSkin 3030S professional shaver can cut beards up to 3 days, while its blades have a double shaving surface. It has curved channels in its design that protect the skin, and includes a built- in sideburns trimming razor.

Opinion of other buyers

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