Best Remington Shavers

What is the best Remington razor?

Remington  has positioned itself as one of the benchmark brands in terms of quality and performance of shavers. Its extensive catalog of models ranges widely through  foil  and  rotary shavers, with specific devices for each type of user. The construction of their machines is high-end and provides a smooth, professional finish with every pass.

It is a difficult task to determine a limited number of  the best Remington shavers, since each of their models has a special resource that distinguishes them from others. Next, we have prepared a brief analysis of the best options that you can find in the market based on their price, with Remington being   the brand of  razors  that every quality lover needs.

Comparison of the best Remington razors of 2021

Which Remington razor to choose?

1. Remington XF8705 – High-end hybrid technology

The Remington XF8705 electric shaver is a device with foil technology that has a pivoting head that gives you the possibility of smooth, safe and very constant shaves.

It incorporates an LED battery level indicator screen that is very attractive. This Remington XF8705 device is ergonomic and slip resistant, with a very innovative design that combines black, gray and chrome areas.

This Remington XF8705 electric shaver is cordless, providing you with a travel lock system, a lithium ion battery that allows you up to 60 minutes of autonomy and the possibility of wet and dry shaving.

Its intelligent trimming system lifts the hair before trimming, leaving a very nice close up and a very smooth appearance after shaving. It has an extendable temple trimmer on its handle, which allows you to outline, trim and define the edges very easily.



You can enhance the shaving experience with the Remington XF8705 by using foam shaving gel, which will allow the head of this shaver to move quickly. It requires 90 minutes to charge and integrates a fast charging system of only 5 minutes.

Opinion of other buyers

“I have tested this shaver both wet and dry, obtaining good results in both conditions. It behaves very stable and is a reliable shaver that you can take anywhere, and its fast charging system is very effective.”

2. Remington XR1470 – Adjustable and ergonomic

The Remington XR1470 shaver features a flexible head and rotating blade technology that gives you the ability to get much fresher and more enjoyable shaves in less time.

This Remington XR1470 machine combines the color blue, black and chrome areas, with a non-slip grip that allows you to use it in the shower without fear of it slipping through your fingers. It includes an LED screen where you can see the battery levels, thus avoiding you stay in the middle of a shaving session.

Its screen is of good visualization, integrating a lithium ion battery that injects all the cutting power to its blades. Its cutting system is made with dual track technology, with two cutting systems that catch the most stubborn hair to create a very close fit.

You will be able to perform wet and dry shaves, since its head with independently moving blades is prepared for a good adaptation at all times. Its pivoting head allows you to make pleasant shaves in areas of the neck, chin and chin in a simple way.



The Remington XR1470 has a fast charging system that only requires 5 minutes for a last minute shave, weighs 372 g and can be taken anywhere thanks to the accessories included in this men’s razor kit. It requires 90 minutes of charging and allows you wireless use for a very effective autonomy.

Opinion of other buyers

“This shaver definitely belongs to some of the best in the world, since, after multiple uses, I do not regret this purchase. It has an easy-to-hold design and is completely ergonomic. It feels safe and very robust. I recommend its buys”.

3. Remington XF8505 – Smart and precise shaves

The Remington brand offers you the Remington XF8505 shaver , a hybrid trimming device that gives you the possibility of capturing more hairs thanks to its trimming system made up of three blades.

It works with a foil system, with two trimmers with micrometric holes that combine to create the best shave. Its central cutting element catches the longest hair, removing it from the base for a longer lasting shave.

The Remington XF8505 is a shaver that allows wet shaving, so you can improve the experience when using shaving gel or foam. It has a lithium ion battery that provides you with an autonomy of up to 50 minutes, with an LED indicator that indicates the battery levels.



If you are willing to access a comfortable, professional and careful shave, you can enjoy this shaver, which includes a pivot system that adapts easily to the contours. To accumulate the maximum power of this Remington XF8505 razor , it only requires 120 minutes connected to its power cord.

Opinion of other buyers

“Once you have it in your hands there is no doubt that it is a reliable, resistant and very versatile shaver. It gives you the possibility of getting a perfect shave and in a very short time, being an ideal device to use in the shower “.

4. Remington Smart Edge Pro – A Foolproof Tool

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