Best Rotary Shavers

What is the best rotary razor?

Thanks to their circular heads, the blades can generate much more effective shaves, with the rotary movement of their cutting system. It can be used with  foam or dry, and the more power there is in the motor, the more effective the shave will be.

The flexibility and access to the most difficult areas of the face make  razors  much more popular among users, which is why we present  the best rotary shavers on the market so that you can select the one that best suits your budget and needs.

Best rotary shavers of 2020 comparison

Which rotary razor to choose?

1. Philips 9000 S9511 / 31 – Constant adaptation

The Philips 9000 S9511 / 31 is an electric shaver that can be used both wet and dry, with rotating heads that oscillate independently to adapt to the curves of your face, making clean cuts without irritation.

It incorporates 1 unit of automatic charging and cleaning, which will simplify the maintenance process of your shaver with rotating head, which will provide you with a fast and pleasant shaving experience. Its heads are hypoallergenic, since they are made of stainless steel.

The Philips 9000 S9511 / 31 is designed for sensitive skin, simplifying maintenance and you can shape your beard with the additional head. You can transport it in its travel case, which protects the blades and keeps the body of your electric shaver in good condition.



You can select in multiple levels and it has an autonomy of 50 minutes of use and only requires 1 hour of charging to obtain the maximum battery level.

Opinion of other buyers

“It has fulfilled the purpose for which I bought my Philips shaver. I have managed to outline my beard and achieve a clean and close shave, eliminating forever the irritation left by conventional razors. It works very well and makes a precise cut soon”.

2. Philips 9000 Series S9711 / 32 – Design that stands out

The Philips 9000 Series S9711 / 32 is an electric shaver with a rotary system that incorporates a trimmer in its handle. It has a digital display that provides information about battery levels. 

 Its intelligent cleaning system extends the life of the blades, providing them with constant maintenance and guaranteeing absolute performance in each shave.

You will not have to worry about cleaning the blades and head of this Philips Series 9000 S9711 / 32 electric shaver in each shave, since you only have to insert it in its cleaning unit and it will take care of removing any residue that is inside

Its blades can move in 8 different directions, creating custom styles efficiently and quickly. It has a waterproof technology , which can give you an effective shave by using shaving foam or gel.



The Philips 9000 Series S9711 / 32 can be used for 60 continuous minutes without cord. It requires 1 hour of charging for maximum performance. Its digital display allows you to evaluate from 1 to 100 the level of your battery percentage. You can select between 3 speed levels, allowing you to select between medium and strong responsive level.

Opinion of other buyers

“I have never used a rotary shaver, so Philips has convinced me that it is the option that best suits the curves of my face. I no longer have a problem with irritation and can style my beard with the comb. additional trimmer included in this model. “

3. Philips S9551 / 63 – Lightweight and safe cut

By holding the Philips S9551 / 63 in your hands, you will feel the cutting power of the high-end rotary heads developed by this brand. This system is designed to catch stubborn hairs that move in any direction.

The blades oscillate independently, easily adapting to the connections on your face. Its handle is ergonomic and allows a solid and firm grip.

You can select between 3 different power levels, getting the most out of this electric shaver with a rotary system. It is easy to clean, as it has 1 smart cleaning unit that only requires a button to maintain your device.

Includes an additional trimming comb, which will help keep your beard the precise length you are always looking for. It comes with a travel case, which keeps your Philips S9551 / 63 electric shaver in good condition at all times.



Its heads move in 8 directions, allowing an immediate adaptation to your face and a precise cut. The Philips S9551 / 63 electric shaver is waterproof and allows a shave like using shaving foam or gel. 

Opinion of other buyers

“I was trying to get a conventional razor and this one has worked for me. It has exceeded my expectations and I have managed to achieve high precision shaves. It works well and does not harm the skin. There was no irritation after shaving and being able to use it. in the shower, I can save a lot of time. “

4. Philips S7370 / 41

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