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Best Corded Body Shavers

What is the best corded body shaver on the market?

Having a perfect shave does not have to be something you have to sacrifice a lot of money or a lot of time. Fortunately, removing hair from your body is becoming easier and less painful than it sounds. 

For this, it is better to have a good electric shaver. Imagine all the money you can save on blades with a corded razor, which you can clean easily and give you close results.

So if you are looking for a tool that is durable, helps you save money in the long run, and gives you a good shave, then you should buy a corded, electric body shaver that has all the adjustable components. Discover the best models here!

Comparison of the best corded body shavers of 2020

Tips for choosing a good corded body shaver

To  know what good corded body shaver you should buy, you should take into account some recommendations , such as the different models and characteristics of each one:

  • Make it ergonomic: One of the things that can cause problems when it comes to performing a full shave may be that the machine is uncomfortable, so make sure that the model is comfortable and easy to handle ! Make sure it has a rubber handle or some material that allows you to handle it easily, and check that it is not heavy.
  • Consider the areas to wax :  It is not the same to use a machine to wax your face or beard to a body shaver, so keep this in mind when you go to choose your model! Remember: The hair you are going to work on is the thickest on the body, so you need a razor with blades or blades that are hypoallergenic to avoid irritation.
  • Check the number of heads :  There are models that come as an “all in one” quite useful when buying a good body shaver. Therefore, check that the heads they bring are pivoting : that is, they can adapt to any part of your body. 
  • Check that it can work dry:  Although the trend is that they can be used wet, check how your dry body shaver works, since it is safer that it works this way when it is connected to the electrical network to avoid accidents of some kind. You can do the test on your legs.
  • Check if they bring a replacement or where to get them: When they are corded body shavers, most of the models that are available on the market should have their replacement. Therefore, verify that they have it and that it is easy to install as well as to obtain, since a complete design device could be damaged more quickly.

How much money should I spend on my corded body shaver?

A corded body shaver is a resource that, in the long term, will allow you to save considerable money. Therefore, we recommend that you make an investment to buy a team at an excellent price with all the quality.

  • Cheaper corded body shaver (less than € 50) – Although the quality of these products is usually of low quality, there are some models that are available at a good cost-price ratio. They can be good for those who just want to start experimenting with these equipment.
  • Better quality corded body shaver (over € 75) –  These shavers tend to be the most durable in terms of resistance over time, as they come with much better quality materials and have a longer warranty period.

What corded body shaver to buy? 

“>1.  Philips HC3410 / 15

Were you looking for an ideal hair clipper for your skin? This Philips model specializes in the most sensitive skin types, to provide an irritation-free shave. This corded shaver gives you all the stability as a constant energy to have a flawless shave.

Decide the length between 0.5 to 23mm and get the results you want. Its blades are made of stainless steel, hypoallergenic and pivoting, so its results will be flawless on your skin. Take a look at its availability and price on Amazon.


What do other buyers think?

“Trim with the power of a high-end machine, this shaver is excellent for different types and styles of shaves. It doesn’t matter what part of your body!”

2. Quegar Blue Q – 12

With a comb that fits any kind of skin, shavers Quegar are an ideal alternative for those who are looking for a wireless machine that does not damage your skin. In addition to that, it comes with an extra long 2 meter cable, to keep it connected to the power and not to lose power.

With more than 40 different positions to work by varying the thickness of the shave, you will obtain a perfect finish with an ergonomic and light machine. Check the offers of this type of product on Amazon, they always tend to have good prices.


What do other buyers think?

“You will undoubtedly be surprised by this great resource to cut hair and generate shaves on the face as well as on every part of the body. It is robust but light and easy to carry on my trips, without taking up a large size.


Highly recommended by professional barbers, this  GEEDAR razor. It comes with a powerful, easily adjustable speed motor , so you have greater precision when cutting hair and thick hair. It works with a built-in battery, but I recommend that you use it with a cable to maintain power.

Its totally professional blades and blades ensure that you have a first class cut, in a hypoallergenic way with its titanium ceramic material. Take a look at its availability and price in Amazo n.


What do other buyers think?

“His finish is flawless, beautiful and of quality. But his way of shaving is, without a doubt, his greatest benefit. Plus, it’s extremely quiet, and the finish is great.”

4.  Philips 3000 Series BG3010 / 15

With a design that allows a luxurious finish on your skin, you cannot miss this shaver from Philips. The tips are rounded and sharp, to work any area of ​​your body safely, without any irritation due to its hypoallergenic material.

You can use it autonomously for 50 minutes, but as always I recommend keeping it connected to the network so that it does not lose its strength. The handle is ergonomic and easy to use. Check the offers of this type of product on Amazon, they always tend to have good prices.


What do other buyers think?

“It is a hit of purchase for those of us who are looking for a razor that can work our private parts without fear of hurting ourselves. Anyway, recommended.”

5. Braun MGK3085 9 in 1

Finally, I want to tell you about this Braun set. Completely complete you can have up to 9 different cut styles on your body, to work with the right tools on each part of your skin. It comes with a Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor , which will help you shave anywhere on the body without irritation.

The hair clipper can work areas such as the groin, intimate areas, beard, neck, sideburns and even the hair of the ears such as the nose. In addition, it comes with 4 types of combs to determine the cutting length of the hair. Check its availability and price on Amazon.


What do other buyers think?

“This is one of the fastest corded razors I have ever owned, the result is really quality and helps slow the growth of all hair. I would definitely buy it again.”

Best Selling Corded Body Shavers

How to use a corded body shaver?

Next, we will explain how to use a corded body shaver. These models are often used to depilate different types of areas of the body. 

  1. Trim long hairs a bit – The first thing we should do is prepare our skin for shaving, in order to reduce the risk of irritation. I recommend that, first of all, you trim the longest hairs to avoid jams.
  2. Prepare the skin with warm water  – One of the things you should do is prepare the skin with warm water, which will also help the hair to come out more easily when you pass the head. 
  3. Put the shaver on medium speed – To start shaving, I recommend that you turn the body shaver on medium speed so that the blades do not move as fast and do not irritate you.
  4. Pass the head across the area slowly –  One of the common mistakes is taking quick strokes, and this can be quite irritating to the skin. Go calmly so that you have better results, especially in sensitive areas.
  5. Moisturize the skin afterwards –  It is important that, once you have finished shaving, you can hydrate your skin without any problem. I recommend a natural based moisturizer for best results.

Best Corded Body Shaver Brands

If you are looking for information on the best brands, look no further, here are the best by far:

  • Philips –  They are the most recognized body shavers on the market for the quality of their materials, as well as the ergonomics and design of their models, which adapt to any type of skin.
  • Braun –   They are usually widely appreciated in the world of shavers, because their models come in shaving kits, giving their users the possibility of working comfortably with different styles and finishes.
  • Remington –   One of the higher quality alternatives for those who can’t afford to spend a lot of money on a razor, but has a pivoting head to guarantee a first-rate shave.
  • Quegar-   They are versatile and easy to use equipment to work, as it does not depend on much management or experience to use them.
  • GEEDAR –   They tend to be benchmarks at a professional level to be able to work comfortably with their different types of combs, obtaining a variety of considerable lengths.

Where can you buy a corded body shaver?

Now, let’s review the websites where you can buy a corded body shaver quickly and efficiently. Don’t worry, these pages were selected to verify each product at the best prices:

  • Amazon Corded Body Shaver –   This is a great website to find different types of corded body shavers, whether for home or more professional use. As if that were not enough, most of their models come with free shipping.
  • Razor wire body with  El Corte Ingles – On this page you will find only body afietadoras models available, which incidentally are subject to availability and low supply capacity.
  • Razor wire body with  Carrefour –  In this store you can find some models of machines for body shaving with cable and batteries, but therenot much variety of brands. 
  • Cable shaver body of MediaMarkt  –  In this platform there is very little choice of brands and models to choose, so do not recommendlot.
  • Body with razor wire  on Ebay  –  While this website you can get to get some body shavers atgood price, keep in mind that many of these teams usually have been used, so it is not recommended to use.

Advantages of using a corded body shaver, what are its strengths?

Using a corded body shaver still has its advantages, believe it or not. While cordless models are gaining ground, buying a corded body shaver is still an excellent option.

What are the benefits of using a corded body shaver? Its advantages are:

  1. They tend to be more durable than battery-powered cordless shavers.
  2. Cleaning is easier  when you finish using it. 
  3. Spare parts for corded body shavers are available faster  and usually cost less money.
  4. They have a greater guarantee than other types of body shavers.
  5. They can be used on various parts of the body without any problem, since the length of the cable is adapted.

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