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The shaver  Braun Contour 3080s is one of the most attractive brand models, with an automatic charging base, travel case and an attractive design that combines ergonomics, power and performance.

This special Braun shaver  for men is rechargeable, with foil technology in its head that provides a fast shave with excellent results with every stroke. It has the Skin Comfort system, with a precision sensitivity system, generating an excellent adaptation to your face in each pass.


What is our opinion on the Braun Contour 3080s shaver?

The shaver Braun Contour 3080s has waterproof technology that enables use in dry and wet. It incorporates a charging base, with a very innovative design and with a panel of LED lights on its front that will allow you to be aware of the battery levels of this device.

Thanks to its foil cutting technology, the Braun Contour 3080s shaver protects your skin with a smooth and protected cut that does not generate irritation. Its pivot system gives an excellent user experience, since the blades are easily attached to the curves of the face and there is no need to make excessive movements.

It has a s ystem security lock, while its on and off button is easily accessible for any eventuality. Micro comb technology has been developed, trapping much more hair during each stroke. Every man needs a device like this, which vibrates and identifies hair instantly.

Triple cut action technology has been included , which integrates an intermediate trimmer that cuts in conjunction with the rest of the blades. This allows for a more precise shave and trapping the shorter hairs. Thanks to its 2  Senso Foil covers, the shaver will allow you to have a very gentle and pleasant sensation on the skin.



Its Free Float technology gives absolute freedom to its head, allowing a 3-dimensional movement that adapts easily to the face and generates a very pleasant shaving experience. It can be used wet and dry, so you will not have limitations with this device.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

The Braun Contour 3080s shaver is a state-of-the-art tool that is complemented with some accessories that will make you enjoy a much more effective shaving session. It includes some elements that we specify below.

Box contents:

  • Electric razor
  • Charging base
  • Power cord
  • Cleaning brush
  • Protective case


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • It’s wireless
  • Built-in precision trimmer
  • LED battery level indicator panel
  • Built-in charging station
  • 50 minute autonomy
  • Fast charging system in 5 minutes
  • Fully charge in 1 hour

Opinion of Emilio Aragón

“After three months of using this shaver, everything has turned out great. It does a pretty good shave, and its charging system saves me a lot of time. Its charging base works excellently, and its battery is strong and long-lasting. I recommend your purchase . “

Braun Contour 3080s battery life and charging

Although many shavers require long charging sessions, the Braun Contour 3080s shaver only needs 1 hour connected to its charging station to get the most of its power from its lithium ion batteries.

This will give you the possibility of achieving an autonomy of 50 minutes, with a sheet cutting system, which has the highest power thanks to its battery. If you need a last minute shave and your razor runs out of battery, it includes a 5 minute fast charge system that will give you plenty of time for a shave.


Shaver head and close

Its head is made up of multiple cutting elements that perform an impeccable job in a very short time. Stainless steel is the main protagonist and avoids irritation and unfavorable reactions.

Perform a professional wash in just a few strokes and protect sensitive skin to avoid friction and rubbing. By having 3D mobility, shaving in areas such as the neck, jaw and chin is greatly simplified.

Design and materials of the Braun Contour 3080s electric shaver

Its design is combined with chrome elements, black and blue, which will give you the possibility of accessing a highly technological and masculine device. The Braun Contour 3080s includes an anti- slip grip that remains firm at all times, with rounded and safety edges that protect the user’s skin, ensuring a safe and comfortable device. Its LED panel is made of acrylic, which indicates the battery levels of your device.


Cleaning the Braun Contour 3080s shaver

The Braun Contour 3080s machine is an easy-to-clean wireless device, since it has Wet & Dry technology, which allows you to use water to wash its blades under the tap. It is advisable to do this periodically to keep the heads of this shaver in optimum performance. The cleaning process can be complemented with the help of the brush incorporated in your Braun machine kit , which guarantees good performance for your blades.

How to shave with the Braun Contour 3080s machine

Foil shaving is very simple, since, just passing it a few times you will get an instant cut and a very pleasant closeness. When using shaving gel or foam, the sensation improves, as the blades slide more effectively. You will live a much more pleasant shaving experience and reduce cutting time.

You can perform different movements allowing the moving head of this shaver to adapt to your skin, catching the most difficult hair making an instant cut. You can complement the contours and edges of your beard with the help of the precision cutter built into the handle of your razor.

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