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The Braun Cooltec CT2cc electric shaver is a rechargeable shaver that features an evolved active cooling technology. It can be used wet or dry, like almost all Braun shavers, which allows easy use due to its ergonomic anti-slip grip.

Its blades are flexible, adapting easily to the curves of your face, being a very pleasant device to use in the neck and chin area. Although its cleaning is simple, the Braun Cooltec CT2cc includes an automatic maintenance and loading station, where the blades will receive the ideal care to maintain the best performance.


What is our opinion on the Braun CoolTec CT2cc shaver?

The Braun CoolTec CT2cc has an LED display that shows battery and lock levels. It does not require substances, oils or liquids to maintain its blades. The Braun brand has developed this electric shaver for men, with a revolutionary technology that gives the user the possibility to reduce the amount of heat that accumulates during use.

By generating a much fresher sensation, irritation is completely ruled out. It has a highly ergonomic and elegant design, which is made up of a shiny chassis with anti-slip areas, looking robust and very resistant. The Braun CoolTec CT2cc is one of the most advanced devices of the brand, belonging to its CoolTec series .

Protects the skin, calming heat levels and eliminating irritation after shaving. Few electric shavers can boast of this technology, which is activated automatically by pressing the button in the shape of a snowflake. This characteristic is endorsed by dermatologists, who are well aware of the ideal characteristics for a good shave.

Its blades are specially designed with Senso Blade technology , which quickly identify hair and capture it to cut smoothly and painlessly. It has a trimmer that is specially installed to capture the longest and most difficult to remove hairs.



The Braun CoolTec CT2cc is a multi-feature shaver that effectively brings together the best features and provides a fast and comfortable shave. It is a robust and high-end device, which perfectly matches its price.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

The Braun CoolTec CT2cc cordless shaver for men comes packed in a box that weighs approximately 1.09 Kg. Its dimensions are 25 × 16 × 16 cm, integrating some accessories that ideally complement the work of this Braun CoolTec CT2cc shaver with cooling technology. active.

Box contents:

  • Electric razor
  • Loading station
  • Cleaning brush
  • Charging base
  • Travel case
  •  An additional cleaning cartridge


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • Active cooling system
  • It’s wireless
  • Is washable
  • 45 minutes autonomy
  • Fast charging system
  • 1 hour full charge
  • Precision trimmer installed
  • Automatic voltage adjustment

Jorge Gómez’s opinion

“Finding an electric razor that would prevent irritation to my skin has been an arduous task. After finding this machine, I have finally found the results that I have always been waiting for. The trimmer is an ideal complement, which simplifies the maintenance task of my beard and helps me to reduce the time of shaving “.

Braun CoolTec CT2cc battery life and charging

This state-of-the-art electric shaver has a fast charging system /strong> that only requires 5 minutes connected to its charging station. This will give you the ability to do a last minute shave. If you want to get the full charge of your battery, you only have to place it in its station for 1 hour.

It has an autonomy of 45 minutes, which gives you the possibility to carry out multiple shaves before having to recharge it. You should be aware of its battery levels, which are shown on an LED screen located on its grip.


Shaver head and close

Its lamellar head is responsible for catching the most stubborn hair that grows in different directions. This cutting element is made up of multiple devices that do not mistreat the skin. Its rounded tips protect the integrity of the skin and ensure a fast shave with a pleasant sensation. 

Design and materials of the Braun CoolTec CT2cc electric shaver

The materials used to create this powerful Braun CoolTec CT2cc cordless razor have been plastic, rubber and stainless steel for its blades. It combines the colors black and blue, with chrome areas that make it look powerful and evolved.

Its activation button for the cooling system is located on its grip with a snowflake logo, which is easy to access and increases the comfort of shaving.


Cleaning the Braun CoolTec CT2cc shaver

Leave the cleaning and maintenance work to your charging station, as it is designed to perform the ideal maintenance on the blades of this device. With an alcohol-based solution, it removes all the germs and particles that are trapped in the heads of this shaver.

How to shave with the Braun CoolTec CT2cc machine

To shave with the Braun Cooltec CT2cc shaver you will have to make strokes in different directions to catch the different types of hair that protrude and that are so difficult to catch. Its head is specially designed to perform clean and fluid work in the shortest time.

It activates the cooling system to reduce the heat coefficient accumulated in its blades, which will greatly reduce the irritation generated on the skin. The Braun CoolTec CT2cc shaver has a sensitive cutting system, which protects the skin and does not generate tugging or snagging. You can shave wet or dry thanks to its technology

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