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Review Panasonic Es Lv65 S803

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The Panasonic ES LV65 S803 electric shaver features a comfortable head that will give you the best shaving experience you can imagine. Forget the invitation and enjoy a pleasant shaving session thanks to its adaptation technology, which allows absolute mobility of its head and a uniform and firm grip.

This machine shaver Panasonic ES LV65 S803 technology to sheets belongs to the high range of the Panasonic shavers, including a front panel LED which can display different selection features with this device with five blades.


What is our opinion on the Panasonic ES LV65 S803 shaver?

Panasonic has included an intelligent sensor, which can modify the power of the motor according to the most difficult beards. Thanks to its pivoting system, its head is optimal for areas difficult to reach such as the neck, chin and chin.

Each of its blades moves independently thanks to a suspension system, which simplifies the user’s effort and generates a much more professional rush.

The price of the Panasonic ES LV65 S803 is incredible and the results do not compare with other similar models of this brand. Panasonic has decided to incorporate good versatility, independence and dynamism into this shaver model.

The power of its motor allows to make 14,000 cuts per minute, being part of the fastest machines that currently exist on the market.



Its battery will provide you with good performance and maximum power during your shaving session, and because it has an automatic voltage adaptation system, you will not have to worry about current problems.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

The Panasonic ES LV65 S803 machine is a device designed to provide the best performance with a single device. It comes complete with some accessories that will help you extend the life of your device. Next, we specify what you will find in the box.

Box contents:

  • Electric razor
  • Travel case
  • Lubricant oil
  • Power cable
  • Protective cover
  • Cleaning brush


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • It’s wireless
  • Charges in 1 hour
  • 45 minutes of independence
  • One minute fast charging system
  • Is washable
  • Built-in LED display
  • Independent moving blades
  • Pivoting head

Jeremías Parra’s opinion

“It is not the first electric shaver I have, but it is without a doubt the best that has ever passed my hands. Its blade system is impressive and generates a good close in no time. It allows wet shaving, which does a long time. more pleasant shaving. Recommended “.

Battery life and charging of the Panasonic ES LV65 S803

This cordless electric shaver includes a power co d, which will provide maximum power to its lithium ion battery, which has two charging systems.

You can get enough power for a last minute shave just by connecting the Panasonic ES LV65 S803 for 1 minute. Get the maximum energy in your battery after a 1-hour charging session , which will give you an autonomy of 45 minutes.


Design and materials of the Panasonic ES LV65 S803 electric shaver

It has an LED panel on its front, which makes it look technologically impressive and very attractive. Its colors combine black and silver, with chrome areas that make it look clean, resistant and very robust.

It allows wet shaving, therefore, anti-slip areas have been incorporated so that it remains firm in the hand at all times. Additionally, it includes a locking system to secure the blades of your device.

Shaver head and close

Its head is made up of five cutting elements, which move independently to easily adapt to the curves of your face. Each of its five blades catch the most difficult and unruly hair, generating a smooth and pleasant shave, which does not snag or hurt the skin.

Its length and density sensor allows precise cuts in the most difficult beard, while its blades have a 30 ° angle to cut the hair more efficiently.


Cleaning the Panasonic ES LV65 S803 shaver

This shaver is washable and allows wet and dry shaving, so cleaning its blades will be very simple. Just by placing it under the tap or the shower and with the help of the cleaning brush, you will be able to remove each of the residues that are trapped in its head during the affected ones. This improves the performance of your blades so that they offer you the best result in each pass.

How to shave with the Panasonic ES LV65 S803 machine

You can perform a wet or dry shave with excellent results in both conditions. You just have to put a little pressure on the skin allowing the blades of this device to adapt to the curves.

You can increase the efficiency of this device by using gel or foam, since the blades slide much easier and make a smoother and fresher cut. You can shave areas of the neck and beard without much effort.

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