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The Panasonic ES RT37 S503 electric shaver is a foil shaver that combines the best features that any man wants to achieve a smooth, close and high quality shave. Its excellent performance and power give you the possibility of achieving the best results in the shortest time with a safe, versatile and very resistant device.

It is a cordless shaver that allows dry and wet shaving, with an automatic voltage adaptation that allows you to take it anywhere in the world. It is completely washable, so its maintenance will be very simple. Its cutting system is made up of three blades, which are completely independent, like all Panasonic shavers.


What is our opinion on the Panasonic ES RT37 S503 shaver?

One of the most interesting features of this Panasonic ES RT37 S503 is that it includes a precision trimmer in its grip, which is easily deployed to make contour cuts or adjust your sideburns. Its LED indicator informs about battery and power levels, so you will have a powerful, technological and high-performance device in your hands.

It feels very pleasant in the hand, since it only weighs 662 g, working with a lithium battery incorporated in your shaver kit. The blades of this device are positioned at a 45 ° angle, which allows you to reach a greater amount of hair and remove it from the base.

The technology sheets Panasonic is one of the most evolved and is evident in this device simple to use and designed for the most demanding users. Its adaptable curved blades do not hurt the skin and perform a uniform shave during all passes while protecting the surface.



Its pivoting head moves in both directions and is optimal for neck and chin areas, as it reduces user effort and feels very safe in the hand thanks to its anti-slip grip.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

The Panasonic ES RT37 S503 shaver is a device that any man would like to have in his hands to make the best shave, it is presented in a very attractive box and accompanied by some accessories that we will specify below.

Box contents:

  • Electric shaver
  • Power cord
  • Cleaning brush
  • Protective cover

Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • It’s wireless
  • Pivoting head
  • Charge in 1 hour
  • 54 minutes of autonomy
  • Is washable
  • Allows wet shaving
  • Three-blade cutting system
  • Foil technology

Opinion of Valentín Urbina

“This electric shaver makes a very smooth shave and its ergonomic grip is very firm. It charges in a very short time and the battery life is quite long.

Battery life and charging of the Panasonic ES RT37 S503

Connect your Panasonic ES RT37 S503 shaver to its power cable for 1 hour to obtain the best performance and autonomy thanks to its lithium ion battery, which will give you the possibility of obtaining an autonomy of 54 minutes of continuous cutting. Its universal voltage automatic adjustment will give you the opportunity to carry it anywhere in the world because, withstand voltage of 100-240 V.


Shaver head and close

Its cutting system is made up of 3 blades, which are designed to protect the skin and not generate irritation after the passes. It is very easy to clean and allows absolute mobility, adapting to each of the curves of your face without causing damage. Includes a precision trimmer on top, which folds out to enhance the versatility of this excellent Panasonic ES RT37 S503 men’s shaver.

Design and materials of the Panasonic ES RT37 S503 electric shaver

The design of this device combines blue with silver, which makes it look masculine, solid and very robust. It is elegant and feels very pleasant in the hand, thanks to the ergonomics and anti-slip design that has been integrated into its grip.

Cleaning the Panasonic ES RT37 S503 shaver

The Panasonic ES RT37 S503 shaver is completely washable, so its maintenance only depends on the use of water. It has a safety button on its side that will allow you to release the head and wash the inside of this device, completely eliminating the hair residue that remains during the shaving session. It includes a cleaning brush that will help you make the task of maintaining the performance of your shaver more effective.

How to shave with the Panasonic ES RT37 S503 machine

This Panasonic ES RT37 S503 provides an excellent result both wet and dry, so you can use it in both modes obtaining the best results. Its blades are designed to glide effectively on the skin and its rounded tips do not compromise the integrity of the user.

It does not hook, does not irritate and its hypoallergenic materials guarantee the health of the skin at all times. Make multiple passes exerting enough pressure so that the blades adapt to the curves of your face, generating the best rush thanks to the powerful cutting motor of this Panasonic electric machine.


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