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Conditioned to give you a comfortable and safe shave, this Panasonic ES ST25K cordless electric shaver has some advantages and features that will provide you with the best technology for a fast, close and very pleasant shave.

It offers good maneuverability, a high-power motor and the possibility of wet and dry shaving, making this Panasonic ES ST25K shaver a very versatile tool for men’s grooming. Shavers Buy Panasonic is a safe bet for the future!


What is our opinion on the Panasonic ES ST25K shaver?

The Panasonic ES ST25K offers a good autonomy and charge in a very short time, being one of the best electric foil shavers that you will find on the market. This shaver has a masculine, robust and very resistant design, which you can take to the shower and perform wet shaves in no time.

It has a 3-blade head that combines state-of-the-art elements to make a close without snagging and without irritation. Its intelligent system recognizes the most difficult hair and removes it without pain or snags, giving you the possibility of shaving with foam or gel.

Its adaptability is absolute, with a mobile head and blades with independent movement that quickly adapts to the curves of your face.



Panasonic has incorporated a shaving sensor in this Panasonic ES ST25K, which can quickly identify the density of the beard, increasing the cutting power to improve the wearing experience. Its linear motor can cut 13,000 revolutions per minute.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

This Panasonic ES ST25K electric shaver is presented with different features that will help to develop a safe and very pleasant shave, with easy maintenance and good performance.

Box Contents:

  • Razor
  • Charging base
  • Cleaning brush
  • Manual
  • Shaving machine
  • Protective cover
  • Lubricant oil


Points to consider machine for shaving:

  • It’s wireless
  • Charge in 1 hour
  • 45 minutes of autonomy
  • 3-blade cutting system
  • Allows wet shaving
  • It’s wireless
  • Pivoting head
  • Independent moving blades
  • Smart shaving sensor

Opinion of Adolfo Oropeza

“The work done by the blades of this shaver is exceptional. In dry and wet they do a very pleasant job and have not left any irritation on my face. It is the first electric shaver that I have in my hands and it has left me an excellent experience “.

Battery life and charging of the Panasonic ES ST25K

The battery of this excellent Panasonic ES ST25K electric shaver can be charged in one 1 thanks to its built-in charging station. This will give you the possibility of shaving for 45 minutes, with an automatic voltage adaptation system that allows between 100 and 200 V.


Shaver head and close

The head of this device has an intelligent recognition system, which can easily trim the hair from the thickest beard or perform a perfect close-up on a one or two day beard. Its 3-blade system is perfectly combined to cut shorter hairs and remove long, squashed hair.

The base of this head is pivoting, so it will easily move to adapt to the curves of your face. Its blades have an independent suspension that allows to cover more areas in fewer passes.

Design and materials of the Panasonic ES ST25K electric shaver

This electric machine is presented in black, combining glossy areas with matte black. It has an ergonomic grip that fits the hand and does not slip. Being waterproof, it can be used in the shower and cleaning will be very simple. It is an electric men’s shaver that looks robust and very resistant, optimal for the most difficult conditions.

Cleaning the Panasonic ES ST25K shaver

This Panasonic ES ST25K electric shaver is washable, so its maintenance will be very easy just by using a little water and the help of your cleaning brush. You can release the head to remove all the debris that remains on the inside of your head. 

Remove all the fragments that could compromise the performance of your Panasonic ES ST25K shaver. To enhance the cutting experience, try to keep your blades lubricated with the oil incorporated in your razor kit.

How to shave with the Panasonic ES ST25K machine

After a 1-hour charging session , you can use this device autonomously, since you will have maneuverability and freedom to use it without cable. Turn it on and make different passes through the areas you want to shave.

Its smart cutting system will vary the power to remove hairs automatically. You can perform a dry and wet shave, so the help of the foam or gel improves the cutting experience by and will provide you with a soft and pleasant feeling after your shaving session.


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