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Best Spare Parts for Philips 7000 Series Shavers

What is the best Philips 7000 Series shaver replacement on the market?

After two years of use with my Philips 7000 series shaver I had the need to change the heads that had already reached their useful life. Between the uncertainty of buying another new razor or venturing into the sea of ​​spare parts not knowing what to expect or if I was paying too much for a replacement.

I have found a selection of  refills for Philips 700 Series shavers that leave no need for a perfect shave.

Best Philips 7000 Series Shaver Accessories Comparison of 2020

What spare part to buy? The 5 best Philips 7000 series heads quality price

1. Philips SH70 / 60

The shavers Philips 7000 series enjoy 2 years of quality shaving continuous before requiring a replacement of the heads of the shaver. When the time comes, you can opt for original spare parts such as the SH70 / 60 heads, which when integrated into the equipment will be like having a new razor from a package.

They are easy to change so that in a few seconds you have your shave close without irritating your skin. Take a look at the products of this brand on Amazon.


What do other buyers think?

“I received the quick refill and in excellent condition. By placing the heads in my shaver and giving it a try I was more than happy, the perfect close shave in a few minutes. 100% recommended.”

2. Philips SH70 / 50

Get the performance of your Philips 7000 shaver back to 100% with a quick change of the shaver heads. SH70 / 50 refills will cut hairs flush in a few strokes without hurting your face or leaving irritations when finished. 

As a new package kit you will enjoy the unique Philips 7000 series shave at a much lower cost than a new kit. Enjoy great prices for this brand on Amazon.


What do other buyers think?

“As new my razor was, I was worried about having to buy a new one but with these refills in a short time I can go back to shaving with the same effectiveness as always. Excellent refills and better cost.”

3. Philips NORLECO SH50, SH70, SH90

You can find some generic spare parts if the originals were not available at the time, one of them is this Norelco set that not only works for the 7000 series but also for the 5000 and 9000 series. You won’t have annoying noises when turning on the shaver and the parts fit together like a glove.

You can shave quickly and have appreciable close-cut results with these refills that you can find for a fraction of the cost. If you like the products of this brand we advise you to take a look on Amazon.


What do other buyers think?

“I had my doubts about these generic refills but when I adapted them to my Philips 7000 series shaver it fit perfectly and when I turned on it worked. When the moment of truth arrived I was pleasantly surprised with the results, in a good hurry and without irritation. It is a good plan B when you are some fair money. “

4. Jiaggo Replacement for Philips 7000 series

Another generic alternative for spare parts at a fraction of the cost can be found with the Jiaggo brand that offers in its catalog spare parts for Philips 7000 series with high quality fidelity, good adaptability to equipment, easy use and a good close shave.

Made with quality materials, you can solve the replacement of your shaver with this brand and go easy with favorable results. Take a look at the interesting prices that this product has on Amazon.


What do other buyers think?

“Not to be original they are quite good, they are not disposable quality refills and the shave is as close as you can expect. It washes easily as if it were an original Philips part.”

5. Jiaggo spare parts Philips 7000-9000-5000 series

These refills from Jiaggo expand their effectiveness for the Philips 7000-9000 and 5000 Series models. As a quality generic brand you can easily integrate the heads into the shaver and still get a good close shave without irritation.

It has a series of accessories to prolong the care of the new heads such as a protective cap and its cleaning brush. Take a look at the offers that Amazon has available for this type of product.


What do other buyers think?

“They are excellent spare parts in the absence of originals. They do not jerk, they cut quickly in dry and wet conditions. They adapt perfectly to the razor and work like the original heads.”

Best Selling Philips 7000 Series Shaver Parts

Why choose a Philips shaver?

Philips is one of the giants of modern technology that has evolved since 1891, manufacturing lamps to advance to the future with televisions, radios, various electrical appliances taking more and more presence in the home to be the nexus between everyday life and technology. After the Second World War the company took the path of music by releasing the compact disc. 

It has been one of the strongest brands to overcome the passage of time by investing in the research of new technologies that provide a better and more sustainable future for homes. They also contribute to the medical area with various diagnostic equipment and treatments of the highest quality.

What other series of razors does the Philips brand have?

Philips reinvents itself every moment by bringing the most current versions of its best equipment into focus. For shavers we can mention the following:

  • Philips 9000 Series- One of the newest models in the field of shaving, having 8 directions of mobility, including its own cleaning station, and V-Track precision blades to cut hair regardless of direction or length.
  • Philips 3000 Series – It was the innovation in Philips electric shavers with 3 heads of 4 directions of facial adaptation. Including its integrated trimmer and not as an additional head.
  • Philips Series 5000 – With this series of shavers you can cover the entire area to be shaved with 5 adaptation directions with multi-precision blades to cut any hair in variable length.
  • Philips 1000 Series – The classic Philips shaver with its first prototype circular heads that everyone knows and appreciates. It had its heyday when modifying the shaving foil to cut hair of different thicknesses and lengths.

What other products does the Philips brand have?

Philips has in its catalog and extensive history a great variety of household electrical equipment which is where it has the most exposure with smart televisions, sound equipment -also smart-, a wide range of personal care with its shavers and epilators, LED lighting systems for cars, and one of their most special areas at home: Baby care with a line called Philips Avent.

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