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With an elegant appearance and a powerful and resistant design. The Philips Hair Clipper QC5130 is here, an all-terrain electric shaver that will allow you to make the best shave on your head, with incredible power.

It does not create the annoying pulls that are often so painful when shaving with poor quality razors. If you’re looking to look your best and treat your hair the best, this Philips shaver is an excellent purchase.


What is our opinion on the Philips Hair Clipper QC5130 shaver?

Cutting your hair with a machine can be a very simple task, but you must have a powerful tool like the Philips Hair Clipper QC5130. It features a high-quality, sturdy grip, with an LED indicator that lets you determine when charging is required.

It is wireless, with heads made of stainless steel that allow fast and safe precise cuts. Its rounded tips allow the skin to be safe at all times. Your comb can be adjusted in different lengths, selecting which one is the best for you.

It offers a precision characteristic of Philips shavers, with 10 selection possibilities ranging up to 21 mm in length. Its precisely cut blades will allow you to obtain a very effective shave, guaranteeing user comfort at all times.

It is characterized by being silent and can be used to shave both adults and children, since it does not have noisy or annoying motors. It is easy to use and 100% maneuverable, so you are sure to quickly become familiar with the Philips Hair Clipper QC5130.

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Trimming or shaving the hair from the head will be very simple with the help of this tool. The Philips Hair Clipper QC5130 is an excellent machine with a good grip and a high-end construction that will allow you to access a professional device, optimal for those looking to get the best look on their hair.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

This shaver has the necessary accessories for a fast and precise shave. Engineers have come up with a device that is easily adapted to the needs of those who do not have extensive experience in the use of razors.

Box contents:

  • Phillips razor
  • Head cleaning brush
  • Detachable trimming comb
  • Power cord


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • It’s wireless
  • Battery level led indicator
  • Adjustable comb
  • 40 minutes of autonomy
  • It is lightweight at only 6.4 ounces
  • It is very quiet
  • Charges with power cord
  •  Good ergonomics

Opinion of Martín Sánchez

“I was looking for a high-end shaver for a good price. I bought the Philips Hair Clipper QC5130 with good expectations that were compensated. The plastic is relatively cheap, but it gave me quite nice performance. It is light and its blades do the job nicely. It’s easy to handle and I liked the result. “

Philips Hair Clipper QC5130 battery life and charging

For optimal battery performance of this Philips Hair Clipper QC5130 machine, it is recommended to keep it charging for about 1 hour. This will give you about 45 minutes of autonomy, since it does not require a cable. This shaver is of significant size as it uses a lithium ion battery inside and is easy to replace.


Shaver head and close

It has a wide adjustment spectrum comb, since it will allow you to select between different lengths to generate a pleasant and comfortable shave that fits your style. Its blades perform continuous vibrations that trap unruly hair and cut it evenly, generating a clean and precise finish at all times avoiding pulling.

Design and materials of the Philips Hair Clipper QC5130 electric shaver

It is made with plastic and stainless steel materials for its blades. The additional trimming comb is also made of high resistance hard plastic, which will allow you to achieve good results thanks to its rounded edges that do not hurt the skin.

Cleaning the Philips Hair Clipper QC5130 shaver

Philips has incorporated a cleaning brush for the blades, which will allow you to remove the annoying residues that tend to accumulate over time inside the machine.


How to shave with the Philips Hair Clipper QC5130 machine

It is recommended to make even cuts with slow movements across the surface to be shaved. With a couple of strokes it will be enough for the hairs to be removed quickly and safely, without being pulled or hurting the skin.

The Philips Hair Clipper QC5130 does not get caught in the hair, it cuts them quickly so that you make the most of your time thanks to the simplicity offered by this device developed by Philips.

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