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If what you need is good control and a firm and safe shave, the Philips PT870 is an ideal option that is sure to become your primary tool when shaving your beard. It is a cordless electric shaver belonging to the Power Touch range , which has highly evolved features that trap the most stubborn hair.

It has a very strong and ergonomic construction, with an integrated LED screen that makes it look attractive and avant-garde. This Philips brand model is a powerful machine and with a good response when it comes to making a clean, smooth and defined shave.


What is our view on the Philips shaver PT870?

Reducing shaving time is essential in the morning hours or at the last moment before an important appointment. The Philips PT870 shaver gives you excellent results in a very short time, with double precision blades that move independently to easily adapt to the lines of the face with each stroke.

Its rounded edges protect the skin from friction, thus avoiding irritation. Philips protects your skin with a tough and robust shaver, which is designed with lines that perfectly fit your hand, remaining solid and secure between your fingers.

No matter how long your beard is, the Philips PT870 will take care of shaving every single hair, no matter how hard it is. It has a short sideburns on the top, and offers an autonomy of 50 minutes, which will give you an average of 15-17 shaves.

This cordless electric shaver belongs to the ecological products of the Phillips brand, offering low energy consumption and low CO2 emissions. Both the packaging and the materials made for its construction are highly resistant and durable.



Thanks to its Dual Precision technology, the elongated slits catch the longest hairs, while the holes are designed for the shorter hairs. It is a comfortable and powerful shaver, which will produce your shaving time.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

Packed with recyclable materials, the Philips PT870 is presented in an attractive box that highlights its most important features such as Dual Precision, Flex & Float technology and its folding temple cutter.

Box contents:

  • Electric razor
  • Warranty
  • Usage guide
  • Power cable
  • Cleaning brush Protective cap


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • It’s wireless
  • Integrated temple cutter
  • Independent moving blades
  • Dual precision technology
  • Integrated LED display
  • 50 minute autonomy
  • 3 minute fast charging system
  • Can be used with or without cable

Opinion of Antonio Farías

“The Philips PT870 is an excellent quality shaver. The speed of his shave and the quietness of his motor gave me a great experience during my first electric razor shave. It is very comfortable and its movable blades are very pleasant on the skin, especially for the neck and chin.

Philips PT870 battery life and charging

The Philips PT870 is a shaver that can give you 50 minutes of continuous use, or you can perform quick shaves in 3-5 minutes that will give you a lot of use and performance before having to recharge.

 Its fast charging system allows you to obtain enough energy in 3 minutes to carry out a last minute shave. To have the maximum power of its battery you must recharge it for a continuous 1 hour by connecting it to its power cable. It integrates a lithium ion battery that makes it work steadily and stable.


Shaver head and close

Its head belongs to the technology of rotating blades, which have been designed to move independently. It integrates Dual Precision technology, which is designed to catch long hairs and shorter two-day beards.

It is made of stainless steel and the head pivots so that it is ideal for the curves of the neck. It creates a pretty nice rush, thanks to the evolution of Philips instant cut technology.

Design and materials of the Philips PT870 electric shaver

Its design is spectacular, ideal for the hand and for a firm grip. It is made with ecological materials, which guarantees the protection of the environment. 

It is resistant and hypoallergenic, protecting your skin from irritation. Hard plastic and stainless steel are the protagonists of the construction of this Philips PT870.


Cleaning the Philips PT870 shaver

With only lift the machine head of this shaver Philips PT870 you can place it under the tap and clean the excess hair and particles often get trapped inside. It is easy to open and very simple to maintain.

How to shave with the Philips PT870 shaver

Use circular motions while applying pressure to the skin of your face. The rotating blades of this Philips PT870 shaver will take care of removing excess hair from your face.

You can easily pass through the same area several times, as its head technology rounded tips, protect your skin and prevent irritation and friction after several passes. It is stable and generates a precise cut, so in 3 to 5 minutes your shave will be finished.

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