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To perform a haircut requires precision, power and high quality blades, so Philips brings you this QC5115 shaver, which will allow you to access a large number of features that will make haircut much more simple and fast.

With blades 41 mm wide and a lot of lengths to select, this machine Philips shaver cable  provides you with strength and good ergonomics for optimal performance on each pass. It catches hair instantly thanks to its guide combs, which easily direct each hair towards the blades.


What is our opinion on the Philips QC5115 shaver?

The Philips QC5115 is made with stainless steel blades that do not catch hair, but cut it instantly. Avoid the pulls and snags in the hair of some conventional razors.

You can select from 11 length settings, giving you a very wide range of customization so you can periodically change your style with just one tool.

It is an attractive, elegant machine with a structure in its handle that will make you hold it firmly without setbacks or that it escapes from your hands. It is silent and very fast during the cut, so it will be a very pleasant experience while you shave yourself, you do it with someone else.

The Philips QC5115 shaver is an ideal tool to have at home, as it simplifies cutting and is very pleasant to use. 

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Philips has developed an optimal technology in its blades, simplifying forever a task that for some could turn out to be quite cumbersome.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

The Philips QC5115 shaver is presented in a discreet box, which highlights some details about this shaver, which offers easy cleaning and good performance during use.

Box contents:

  • Philips shaver
  • Power cable
  • Cleaning brush
  • Removable guide comb
  • Usage guide
  • Warranty


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • Used with cable
  • Different adjustable lengths
  • Easy cleaning
  • Lock system
  • Silent cutting
  • Rounded blades to protect the skin
  •  Hypoallergenic materials

Opinion of Gabriel Peña

“It has been a very profitable acquisition, as it has facilitated my shaving in an incredible way. It works excellent and I can do a simple shave without investing excessive time. It is silent and cuts very fluidly.”

Philips QC5115 battery life and charging

The Philips QC5115 shaver operates only with the use of cable, so you can connect it to the power outlet and start shaving without having to worry about the battery of this device. 


Shaver head and close

The head of this Philips QC5115 shaver can be easily removed thanks to its cleaning button. It has blades made of stainless steel, which cut safely thanks to its rounded tips.

Its guide comb can be graduated in different lengths, giving you a range of 11 different positions for the different hair lengths you want to achieve in your style.

Design and materials of the Philips QC5115 electric shaver

Philips has incorporated an ergonomic design with curves that allow easy performance of this device. It is easy to maneuver despite being a corded electric shaver.

Certain angles have been included in its head and grip, which improves the experience for the user. It is made of hard plastic and stainless steel for the blades, significantly increasing the resistance of this Philips QC5115 electric shaver.

Cleaning the Philips QC5115 shaver

It is not necessary to use oil to lubricate the blades, as the blades are automatically cleaned during use. You can use the cleaning brush built into your kit, which will help you remove excess hair that accumulates on the surface of the blades during shaving. Dry cleaning is recommended to improve the performance of the components of this shaver.

How to shave with the Philips QC5115 shaver

To shave with the Philips QC5115, simply select from any of its 11 length settings and lock the device to keep it safe while shaving. Just by passing it over the surface of the skin, the tips of the guide comb will bring the hairs directly towards the blades.

 It does not offer a superheat index and is highly powerful and quiet. It is optimal for shaving children, or doing your own shaving without risk of injury or irritation. It is a practical and easy-to-use device, being very light.

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