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Philips offers you a beard trimmer with multiple options, giving you access to a personalized look thanks to a powerful and cordless tool. The Philips QT4015 fits easily in your hand and offers incredible features.

Today’s man requires an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean tool with resistance to the shocks of daily use, so the Philips QT4015 is the device that any man would like to have.


What is our opinion on the Philips QT4015 shaver?

It has the Power Touch system developed by the Phillips brand , which protects the skin at all times, while its rounded blades are responsible for removing the hair from your beard according to the length measurements you select. It is a simple to use cordless electric shaver, without complicated complications that end up confusing the user.

Its front part incorporates a power button and different measures for its cutout. It includes the dual precision system, which can catch the shorter hairs of your beard, generating a fairly good closeness and providing a clean and attractive look.

Its contours are dynamic, which will allow this device to easily adjust to the face in areas such as the neck, chin and chin. Thanks to its QuickRinse system, you can wash the Philips QT4015 shaver using only water.

It feels great in the hand, weighing 222g, it gives you access to a razor with titanium-coated blades that avoid irritation or discomfort while shaving.



You can select a precision of up to 0.5 millimeters in your meter, which will allow you to remove a beard of up to two days. Thanks to its locking system, you can make a uniform cut in any area of ​​your face, obtaining the best performance during the 60 minutes of autonomy provided by the Philips QT4015 battery.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

By purchasing the Philips QT4015 you have access to a simple device that does not require too many accessories to function exceptionally. Inside, some basic components have been incorporated so that you can have the best shaving experience with your Philips shaver.

Box contents:

  • Warranty
  • Usage guide
  • Philips electric shaver
  • Power cable
  • Cleaning brush
  • Travel case


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • It’s wireless
  • Autonomy 60 minutes
  • Requires 1 hour of charging
  • Moving heads
  • Titanium coated blades
  • Blocking system for blades
  • Battery level indicator pilot light
  • Detachable head for cleaning under the tap

Opinion of Ignacio Rojas

“One of the characteristics that I found most attractive about this shaver are its levels of cut, leaving the hair with the exact length indicated by its meter. It speeds quite well and its blades are high performance. After a few months of use I can say that this has been an excellent acquisition of which I do not regret it. I recommend its purchase. “

Philips QT4015 battery life and charging

The battery life of the Philips QT4015 is a maximum of 60 minutes at maximum performance. To get the maximum power from your battery, you must charge it for at least 1 hour. It is compatible with universal voltage and does not need lubrication. To charge it you will need to connect it to its power cable, which is included in the Philips QT4015 kit .


Shaver head and close

Its head is removable, which will allow you to easily clean it with the use of water. Its titanium coated blades eliminate irritation problems forever.

Its rounded tips protect the skin and its double cut system guarantees a quick and painless shave. It is designed to make a cut in the first pass, so there will be no problems with catching on the skin or hair.

Design and materials of the Philips QT4015 electric shaver

The design of this razor  Philip s QT4015 is small, nice and light, being attractive with very masculine colors and a glossy finish that makes it look very elegant. Combining gray, black and red colors, giving it a powerful and innovative look. They used materials such as titanium, stainless steel, hard plastic, and acrylic for their construction.

Cleaning the Philips QT4015 shaver

Cleaning only requires shaking the blades with the brush built into the kit of your Philips QT4015 or removing its head for cleaning with water. It is advisable to dry each of its components before reassembling it, as this can compromise the operation of this shaver since it should not be used under water.


How to shave with the Philips QT4015 shaver

Install the shaving head of your Philips QT4015 machine , set the cutting length, turn it on and start shaving your beard. The guide combs will bring each of the hairs towards the blades, making an instant trim in less time than you imagine. You can direct your shaver in any direction, as it catches the most stubborn hairs.

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