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Conditioned for a wet or dry shave, comes this Philips RQ1155 electric shaver, which shows an evolution in the technological development used in personal care devices. Its design is futuristic and attractive, presented in an electric blue that is very striking for the user.

It has a masculine appearance, like almost all Philips shavers, with a non- slip grip that allows a firm and stable grip. Its front is well designed with a glossy finish that complements a good performance shaver with rotating heads


What is our opinion on the Philips RQ1155 shaver?

The Philips RQ1155 shaver is a cordless device that does not need a cable for operation. By placing it in its charging station for the required time, it will always be ready for a new shave. Its rotating heads easily adapt to the curves of the face, since they have a pivoting technology that move independently.

Its blades are made of stainless steel with specific grooves for long hair and that difficult to reach, which is caught in its movement and is removed without pain or pulling. Philips has used Aquatec technology in this device, allowing you to use it in the shower with the addition of gel or foam.

This will make your shave comfortable and will increase the glide of its blades across the skin. You can also do a dry shave, since it is made with hypoallergenic materials and rounded tips that move easily through the skin without hurting or generating irritation.

This Philips RQ1155 machine has Skin Glide technology, which reduces the coefficient of friction when passing over the skin. Its heads move in two dimensions, which will give you the opportunity to experience a state-of-the-art shave thanks to this cordless electric device created by Philips.



To carry out your shaves with this Philips RQ1155 cordless electric shaver, you should not have excessive knowledge about shavers, since it is simple, easy to use and with excellent features in its blades that simplify the task of removing excessive hair from your face.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

The Philips RQ1155 comes in an eco-friendly box that helps conserve the environment. It belongs to the 7000 series and has a large number of indications on its box that will help you maintain the best performance.

Box contents:

  • Philips shaver
  • Charge unit
  • Power cord
  • Cleaning brush
  • Warranty
  • Usage guide
  • Protective cover
  • Trimming head
  • Cleaning brush
  • Travel case


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • It’s wireless
  • Includes charging base
  • Battery level LED indicators
  • Rotary heads
  • Independent movement of the blades
  • It can be used wet and dry. Dual Precision Technology
  • 50 minute autonomy
  • Requires a 1 charge

Luis Bernal’s opinion

After a couple of months of continuous use, it still offers optimal performance. It shaves very well when dry and shaves excellently if there is slight pressure on the face. It may have some overheating, although it is not entirely uncomfortable .”

Philips RQ1155 battery life and charging

The battery lasts for approximately 50 minutes of continuous use, giving you an average of 10 shaves. It requires 1 hour of charging connected to the charging station to obtain maximum performance, which will provide you with an excellent user experience, since its battery is long-lasting.


Shaver head and close

The head of the Philips RQ1155 is designed with the technology of rotating blades, which are strategically placed to cover the largest area during passes. Its Dual Precision technology traps long hairs through elongated slits and shorter hairs through holes.

They are made of stainless steel and provide independent movement that easily adapts to the curves of your face. It is optimal for shaving the chin, jaw and neck. The pivoting of its head guarantees easy adaptation and maneuverability for the user.

Design and materials of the Philips RQ1155 electric shaver

The design of this electric shaver is very attractive, especially for its striking color, showing different shades of blue. Its metallic appearance makes it look resistant, with absolute ergonomics with an anti-slip grip.

It won’t slip out of hand during shaving sessions in the shower. You can use shaving gel or foam without worrying that this razor will slip out of your hands. The materials used are hard plastic, stainless steel and rubber for the back.

Cleaning the Philips RQ1155 shaver

Just by placing it under water you can remove all the debris that is trapped in the blades of this Philips RQ1155. Its head opens in a simple way and you can wash it instantly to use it again whenever you want.


How to shave with the Philips RQ1155 shaver

Put some shaving foam or gel on your face to simplify the movement of this electric shaver with rotating heads. The Philips RQ1155 will take care of removing all the hair from your face in just a few strokes.

To increase the effectiveness of the work done by the blades, it is advisable to make circular movements to remove any traces of hair that may be trapped on your blades.

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