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Get the best shave safely with this machine Philips S5110, which operates with rotating heads offering the possibility of exchanging their heads and install a r ecortadora precision. It has an LED display to indicate battery levels and lock mode.

In Philips shavers you will find an ergonomic design that feels good in the hand and is anti-slip. It has heads that move independently, a feature that will allow easy adaptation to the curves of the face of areas such as the neck and chin. 


What is our opinion on the Philips S5110 shaver?

Philips is committed to including multiple functions in a single device, therefore, the Philips S5110 belonging to the 5000 series, gives you the possibility of operating with a rotating head to shave generating a professional closeness, complementing with a precision cutting head for sideburns and edges of your beard.

It is a device that has Multiprecision technology blades , with different types of grooves to catch hair of all kinds. Its rounded tips protect the skin and prevent friction, which will reduce skin irritation after multiple passes. Its pivoting head generates a much more effective dynamism and fulfills its functions in an optimal way.

It incorporates a lithium ion battery powered by a cable. It is discreet and can be taken anywhere without taking up much space, being a resistant and high-end shaver in which strong and robust materials are used to provide an optimal machine for the avant-garde man.



Thanks to its multi-precision multi-blade system, the Philips S5110 lifts the hair before cutting, which will reduce the number of passes. Enjoy 5-direction Flex head technology , which ensures more effective contact with the skin.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

The Philips S5110 is presented in a simple box that highlights its characteristic of effectiveness in its blades. Belonging to the 5000 series, this device incorporates some elements that will make your shaving experience much more effective.

Box contents:

  • Razor
  • Power cable
  • Trimming head
  • Warranty
  • Usage guide
  • Protective cover


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • It’s wireless
  • Moving heads
  • Built-in trimming head
  • Battery indicator LED display
  • Is washable
  • 40 minute autonomy
  • Requires 1 hour of charging
  • Fast charging system 5 minutes

Opinion of Sergio Ávila

“I generally use this razor to shave my face and head, so it has generated excellent results because its cutting technology catches the most difficult hair and removes it instantly. It is easy to wash and generates a very soft feeling after the past thanks to its rounded tips. I recommend its purchase, as it is an excellent investment “.

Philips S5110 battery life and charging

The Philips S5110 battery is lithium ion, which will provide you with power and performance at all times. It requires 1 hour of continuous charging to get the most of its power.

 Its battery is of high performance and low consumption, which will give you the possibility of generating an effective shave without problems. It has a 5-minute fast charging system, which will give you enough energy to carry out a shave in no time. You can use it cordless for 40 minutes, getting 10-13 shaves before having to recharge.


Shaver head and close

Its shaving head can be interchanged. Use the rotary blade head for a close scrub, leaving a smooth, smooth skin. Swap heads and place precision hour trimmers to outline your beard and sideburns.

 This offers excellent performance and good results. Its cutting blades are made of stainless steel, which prevents skin irritation and allergies.

Design and materials of the Philips S5110 electric shaver

The Philips S5110 is made with hypoallergenic materials, has elements of hard plastic, acrylic and stainless steel for its manufacture. It is completely waterproof and its accessories are high performance for exceptional results on the wearer’s skin. 

Cleaning the Philips S5110 shaver

Because it is washable, you will only have to remove the cover of its head to be able to eliminate the residues that are trapped inside it. Place your Philips S5110 under the tap and get the most out of the blades of this shaver while always keeping it in optimal condition. It does not require extra oils or lubrication for its operation.

How to shave with the Philips S5110 shaver

After obtaining the maximum level of charge in your battery, you can access shaving with your Philips S5110. Use its rotating head for a clean and smooth rush, as well as you can install the trimming head for precise and defined profiling.

It is not necessary to use foam or gel, since it is a shaver designed to perform a dry shave with excellent autonomy and the latest technology accessories that complement the performance of this Philips S5110 shaver .

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