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Belonging to the high-end of Philips, comes this excellent cordless electric shaver from the 9000 series. The Philips S9111 is a tool that cannot be missing in any modern men’s personal care kit, which offers different powers.

It includes a rotating blade head with independent movement and an ergonomic anti-slip grip that allows you to have an excellent experience during use under the shower. You can use this device wet or dry, since its rounded edges will allow an easy glide over the skin, protecting it from irritation or allergies.


What is our opinion on the Philips S9111 shaver?

Its interchangeable heads greatly expand the range of this Philips S9111 electric shaver, since it will generate a perfect close while the other serves to trim and outline sideburns and beard contours.

Philips has designed an electric shaver that is especially for men, as, from the first glance, you can see its grandeur and solidity. Its pivoting head is ideal for shaving the neck, chin and chin area, as it moves to adapt and generate incredible results in a short time.

The Philips S9111 includes an LED display on its front, which indicates battery levels so that you are always ready before you go half shave. This device saves you time and effort during shaving, being very useful to obtain an optimal appearance in a few minutes.  



The Philips S9111 electric shaver is an advanced device that can easily be recommended for purchase. Its blades have precision V-Track technology. They move in 8 different directions and their easy cleaning makes your investment give you rewarding and long-lasting results.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

The Philips S9111 is a discreet shaver that comes packed in an eco-friendly box, ready to use right out of the box. It includes some accessories that we specify below.

Box contents:

  • Philips shaver
  • Power cable
  • Trimming head
  • Travel case
  • Cleaning brush
  • Warranty
  • Usage guide
  • Cleaning head brush


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • It’s wireless
  • Moving heads in 8 different directions
  • V-Track technology in its blades
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Built-in trimming comb
  • Battery level indicator LED display
  • Cleaning brush

Francisco Alonzo’s opinion

“It is a very pleasant device to use, stable and firm when stroking. Its blades adapt easily to the contours and provides an excellent shaving experience in a very short time. Good autonomy and its battery lasts long enough to perform a few 5-7 shaves “.

Philips S9111 battery life and charging

After a 1-hour charging session , you can receive up to 50 minutes of autonomy with this high-standard device developed by Philips. It has a power cable that provides excellent performance, giving you the possibility of giving the most power to the Philips S9111 shaver and taking care of the device’s battery.


Shaver head and close

Its main head is designed with rotating blade technology, integrating three blades that move independently to generate a perfect adaptation to the lines of the face.

The Philips S9111 incorporates a cleaning head, which has a brush with very soft bristles that will help you remove all the hair particles that can create on your face.

Design and materials of the Philips S9111 electric shaver

It is made of stainless steel and they trap with their grooves each of the stubborn hairs that grow on the face, being eliminated in a painless and very silent way. You can swap heads and select the precision trimmer, which will help you shape a perfect, symmetrical beard and shape your sideburns and mustache.

The design of the Philips S9111 is focused on the masculinity of man, displaying silver, gray and chrome colors, to generate a sense of resistance and power. It has an LED screen on the front, where it will indicate the battery levels in a very attractive way. Its handle is very ergonomic, adjusting easily to the hand and remaining secure while you do your shaves.

Cleaning the Philips S9111 shaver

Cleaning the Philips S9111 is very simple, since, just by placing it under the water tap, you will be able to remove all the fragments and particles of hair that are usually trapped inside. It is washable and easy to maintain, as its blades do not rust.


How to shave with the Philips S9111 shaver

Lather over the cleansing brush, which will help distribute the gel or foam evenly across your face. Later you can change heads and carry out your shave with the rotating head.

Finally outline your sideburns with the precision trimming head, then return once more to the cleansing brush where you will have to place a little gel again for a clean, soft and hydrated finish on your face. 

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