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Sensitive and delicate skin deserves the best technology for a smooth, close and irritation-free shave. This is why Philips has developed the Satinshave BRL130 shaver , which has floating foils to easily adapt to the skin of your legs or any part of the body effectively.

This feature, as in almost all Philips shavers, allows it to glide quickly, adjusting to the curves of the body without risk of irritation or cut. It is designed to generate a close and even shave, with rounded tips that protect the skin and do not irritate.


What is our opinion on the Philips Satinshave BRL130 shaver?

The Philips Satinshave BRL130 is a feminine shaver designed for delicate surfaces, developed with pearl tip technology to provide the user with a comfortable and painless shave.

Philips has used innovative technology in this epilator, which features an S-shaped handle. This allows the passes to be much simpler throughout the body, generating greater control and with precise and fluid movements.

You can wash your Philips Satinshave BRL130 using water, which will quickly remove any residue accumulated on its blades, very convenient for maintenance and has an LED indicator light for its battery levels.



The Philips Satinshave BRL130 shaver is a delicate and feminine device, designed to treat every woman’s skin with the greatest delicacy and gentleness. With foil technology, you can count on a safe, powerful and stable shaver, with features worthy of an electric shaver designed by the Philips brand .


What’s in the box and features of the razor

A simple and minimalist presentation has been used by Philips to bring you the Philips Satinshave BRL130, with basic accessories to avoid complications during use. Next, we specify what you will find when you buy your feminine shaver. 

Box contents:

  • Phillips razor
  • Warranty
  • Usage guide
  • Power cable
  • Cleaning brush


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • Floating reed head
  • It’s wireless
  • Battery indicator LED light
  • Allows a wet and dry shave
  • Autonomy 50 minutes
  • Requires an 8 hour charge
  • Foil technology

Opinion of Daniela Peraza

“The Philips Satinshave  is a very handy shaver, which shaves efficiently. The value for money is very good, and it has left my skin smooth without marks. It does not cause pain when shaving and has fully met my expectations. I recommend the buy “.

Philips atinshave BRL130 battery life and charging

Although it may take a little time to reach its battery, after an 8-hour charging session , you can enjoy a powerful device that will provide you with a range of 50 minutes of continuous use. The Philips Satinshave BRL130 is equipped with a high-power lithium ion battery, which provides stable and smooth performance of your cutting blades.


Shaver head and close

Philips has implemented foil technology in this electric shaver for women. Its rounded tips glide easily over the skin without causing irritation. The grooves and holes trap the toughest and most stubborn hairs, creating a close shave.

Leaves the skin soft and smooth that every woman wants to get after using a shaver. Its head moves to tie to the curves of the skin, without risk of injury or irritation, since its materials are hypoallergenic.

Design and materials of the Philips Satinshave BRL130 electric shaver

Designed specifically for ladies, the Philips Satinshave BRL130 shaver is a delicate and feminine device, presented in white and silver colors, with an LED battery level indicator light on its grip. It can be used dry or wet, being very easy to clean and with a simple ergonomics with an S-type design for a better grip and glide.


Cleaning the Philips Satinshave BRL130 shaver

The Philips Satinshave BRL130 Electric Feitator for Women is washable, so after using it, you must place it under the tap and its blades will automatically be easily cleaned. It does not require lubricants for its blades or additional substance, since it is easy to maintain and guarantees long-term performance during use.

How to shave with the Philips Satinshave BRL130 shaver

Since it can be used wet, you can put some shaving foam or gel on the skin. This will allow the Philips Satinshave BRL130 shaver to glide on easily while its floating foil blades take care of removing unwanted hair.

It makes several passes over the surface without fear of generating irritation, since its pearl tips protect the skin and provide a comfortable user experience.

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