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Remington HC5810 Shaver

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This Remington HC5810 shaver is a cutting-edge clipper that has excellent features to provide the best care for your hair, making clean and smooth cuts evenly and constantly.

Your cutting device is covered with a state-of-the-art ceramic coating, making it instantly cut without pulling or snagging on the skin. The shavers Remington incorporated feature self – sharpening blades to simplify maintenance of the device, durability , and low power.


What is our opinion on the Remington HC5810 shaver?

On its handle you will find a precision regulating wheel, where you can select the cutting length between 0.8 and 2 mm. Additionally, you will find 10 trimming combs, where you can select between lengths of 3 and 40 mm.

This powerful Remington HC5810 machine offers up to 50 minutes of cordless autonomy, ensuring fast and powerful shaves with a high-end cutting system.

It feels firm in the hand and is very robust, with an anti-slip finish that will allow you to have a firm grip at any time. It can be used with or without a cable, charging quickly in just 90 minutes.



You will find an LED screen where you can view the battery levels, always being aware of the power level offered by this Remington HC5810 hair clipper. It includes a carry case, where you can safely incorporate all its accessories and take it anywhere.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

This shaver looks imposing on its charging base, being one of the most remarkable devices Remington has to offer. In its box you will find some high-quality accessories that complement its performance.

Box contents:

  • 10 trimming combs
  • Cleaning brush
  • Power cable
  • Loading station
  • Additional comb
  • Pair of scissors
  • Cleaning brush


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • It’s wireless
  • Can be used with or without cable
  • Includes 10 trimming combs
  • 50 minutes of autonomy
  • Charges in 1 hour and a half
  • Ceramic coated blades
  • Weighs 798 g

Opinion of Xavier Pedron

“It is a powerful shaver that I definitely recommend. This clipper is incredible, it has turned out very good and has given me very fast results, I can use it on the head, on the beard and on the body, generating a good performance at all times.”

Remington HC5810 Battery Life and Charging

This Remington HC5810 shaver incorporates a charging station where you can place it to obtain maximum power from its battery. It requires 1 hour and a half of charging to achieve an autonomy of up to 50 minutes.

It can be used with a cable if you want to extend your shave if you don’t have a battery. It includes an LED panel where you will see different levels of its battery to be able to take the forecasts and connect it on time.

Shaver head and close

Its head is made of stainless steel and ceramic coating, optimal for shaving on the skin without generating irritation. It is very safe and its rounded tips protect the skin from friction, rubbing and scratches, being one of the most powerful cutting devices that you can find in the catalog of this brand.

Remington HC5810 Electric Shaver Design and Materials

The design of this Remington HC5810 device is one of the most attractive features of this model. It combines black with gray and silver, with a strong stainless steel and ceramic head that protects the skin from irritation.

It feels solid and very robust, with a rotating wheel that selects the level of cut length. It incorporates an acrylic LED screen where you can view the levels of its battery. The power button is easily accessible and easy to move anywhere.


Cleaning the Remington HC5810 shaver

The maintenance of this device is very simple, since it only requires the use of the cleaning brush to remove the hairs that are trapped in its head. This will give you good results for a long time, thus avoiding the obstruction of the blades when making the cut.

How to shave with the Remington HC5810 machine

Shaving with this Remington HC5810 machine will be very simple, since you only have to make light strokes over the skin, letting the teeth of its head catch the hair and cut it evenly and quickly. It’s very stable, quiet, and doesn’t vibrate excessively, so you’ll get a dry shave in no time.

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