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Remington PR1330 Shaver

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The Remington PR1330 shaver is a device with a rotating blade head that has three independent cutting elements with suspension that allows absolute mobility, easily adjusting to the curves of your face, like almost all Remington brand shavers.

This Remington PR1330 shaver is synonymous with precision and care, taking care of removing the most difficult hair from your face in a gentle and powerful way. It has mobility in all directions, reaching the most difficult areas of your face and taking care of the skin thanks to its rounded contours.


What is our opinion on the Remington PR1330 shaver?

Its head provides absolute comfort to the user, since each one of its blades moves individually to adapt completely while cutting effectively with its stainless steel blades.

Its pivoting system has been incorporated into the base of its head, adding much more mobility and control to a cushioned system that reacts quickly to pressure. It is a high-end hypoallergenic shaver, which is designed to give the user the best versatility of performance during a hypoallergenic and delicate shaving session.

The Remington PR1330 features a drop-down sideburns trimmer, which is ideal for defining beard contours and trimming sideburns. If what you want is an electric shaver with rotating blades that can provide you with maximum control during your shaves, this device will provide you with the best results, as it has the best engineering applied to personal care.

It has a solid, anti-slip grip that will allow you to access the best power. This Remington PR1330 shaver is corded and has a universal voltage adaptation system that will allow you to reach any part of the world without current problems.



Its dual track trimmer blades  guarantee a much faster and more efficient shave, catching the shorter two-day beard hairs and removing the longer hairs and grow my different picks.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

When you buy your Remington PR1330 shaver , you will find inside the box some elements that will help you live the best shaving experiences with this device.

Box contents:

  • Electric razor
  • Travel case
  • Manual
  • Cleaning brush
  • Power cable


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • Works only with cable
  • Built-in precision trimmer
  • Pivoting system
  • Independent moving blades
  • Double action blades
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Good ergonomics

Opinion of Alexander Iglesias

“It is a shaver that I highly recommend due to the versatility of control it provides. It performs a gentle and long-lasting shave, cutting the hair from the base. It does not generate irritation and is very powerful, although it works with cable, it is very comfortable to use. use”.

Remington PR1330 battery life and charging

The Remington PR1330 font style=”vertical-align: inherit;”> electric shaver is a device designed to carry out long and lasting shaves, so it does not work autonomously.

You will have to constantly shave connected to the power cable, what will provide you with the absolute power is a cutting motor that feeds three blades that perform the most efficient shave in a uniform way.

Shaver head and close

The head of this Remington PR1330 shaver is a work of art, since the applied engineering and mobility of this system allows the blades to independently adapt each of the curves of the face.

Micrometric cutting elements have been incorporated that catch the shorter stubble of two or three days. The longer slots take care of the stubborn, long and flattened hairs, lifting it up to cut it from the base and creating a near perfect closeness. It is a shaver designed to perform dry shaves quickly and safely.

Design and materials of the Remington PR1330 electric shaver

The design of this Remington PR1330 machine is designed for quick adaptation to the hand, with anti-slip and ergonomic finishes that fit easily in the hand. Its head can be easily removed and opened to clean the inside, while it looks robust and masculine, optimal for the most extreme shaving sessions.


Cleaning the Remington PR1330 shaver

Cleaning this device is very simple, since it only requires the release of its head so that you can remove all the fragments that are trapped inside during the shaving session.

It includes a cleaning brush that simplifies the task of keeping the blades in perfect condition so that they cut efficiently during all your personal care sessions.

How to shave with the Remington PR1330 machine

Shaving with this Remington PR1330 will be very simple, since you only have to make circular movements around the area, generating the greatest reach of its blades so that they cut all the hair in the area from the base.

It is recommended to use it dry so that you do not compromise the performance of its blades, while, when operating with cable, you will not have to worry about a decrease in the power of its motor. It does not overheat and is very soft during cutting thanks to its contours designed to protect the user’s skin.

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