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Remington XR1400 Shaver

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The Remington XR1400 electric shaver is a compact, innovative and very discreet device that you can take anywhere due to its dimensions. It has a rotating blade head that adjusts to the curves of your face, being very ergonomic and powerful.

You should not get carried away by the dimensions of this personal care tool from the Remington range of shavers, since it has a high-power motor that powers its dual system blades to remove each of the hair that gets in its way. . 


What is our opinion on the Remington XR1400 shaver?

Remington has decided to reduce the grip of this Remington XR1400 shaver by reducing it to a basic body with easy grip and anti-slip, optimal for last-minute shaves and generating professional close-ups with interchangeable heads that allow you to perform very professional finishes.

Each of its three cutting devices is instantly disassembled and installed, being a mid-range shaver, which allows access to a powerful, easy-to-clean shaver with the possibility of wet and dry shaving.

Its pivoting system allows it to reach the neck and chin areas, being an excellent companion for those travelers who want to take a discreet and very powerful device anywhere.



The Remington XR1400 is a device that provides absolute control adapting easily to the palm of the hand, with a lithium battery that provides up to 45 minutes of autonomy. It includes a charging indicator LED light and can operate without a cable.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

This Remington XR1400 shaver is a very simple and ergonomic device that quickly adjusts to the curves of your face without damaging the skin or causing irritation. It includes some high-performance elements to enhance its performance.

Box Contents:

  • Electric razor
  • Power cord
  • Manual
  • Cleaning brush


Points to consider machine for shaving:

  • It’s wireless
  • Charges in 4 hours
  • 45 minutes of autonomy
  • Precision trimmer
  • Mobile head
  • Independent moving blades
  • Allows wet shaving
  • Universal voltage

Opinion of Carlos Farías

“The dimensions of this electric shaver adapt perfectly to the hand, being very comfortable to use and easy to move anywhere. I usually carry it on my trips and it is very easy to shave, resulting in a pleasant head and autonomy absolute “.

Remington XR1400 Battery Life and Charging

This Remington XR1400 shaver has a power cable that will allow you to get the maximum power from its battery in 4 hours. This is provided with considerable power that will give you an autonomy of 45 minutes of continuous use.

You will be able to monitor the charge levels on its handle, where a pilot LED light has been integrated where you can see what its levels are to make the necessary forecasts. It works only without cable, so it is a safe device that will allow you to perform wet shaves.


Shaver head and close

The head of this Remington XR1400 machine is the protagonist at all times, with three blades with rotary technology that attach to the face and eliminate the most undesirable hair in less time. It is easy to clean and its pivoting system allows absolute adaptation in hard-to-reach areas. It has a Dual Track system, which reaches more hair in less time.

Remington XR1400 Electric Shaver Design and Materials

Its design is small, compact and very solid, being a resistant shaver that should not deceive you due to its dimensions. It combines the blue color with the black and chrome areas that make it look elegant and very resistant. It is an optimal device to take anywhere, since it is discreet and very light.


Cleaning the Remington XR1400 shaver

The maintenance of this machine will be very simple thanks to the fact that its head can be easily deployed to be cleaned with water. Use the cleaning brush to forever eradicate hair fragments that get caught in its blades that can compromise this device’s long-term performance if not properly maintained.

How to shave with the Remington XR1400 shaver

To shave with this Remington XR1400 machine, you just have to place a little shaving gel on your face and start making the strokes in a circular way on the skin. Its rounded tips do not generate friction and glide effectively to create a very closed and pleasant close. It will keep your skin moist, fresh and hydrated for gratifying results in no time.

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