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Designed to shave and trim the thickest and most difficult beard, comes this Remington MB4560 shaver , a technological and very powerful device that incorporates an attractive LED panel, an ergonomic grip and a high-end construction that will provide you with very fast hypoallergenic shaves. 

This Remington MB4560 shaver is cordless, and has a titanium coating on its blades, which guarantees effective cutting and good performance at all times. The main thing that Remington shavers offer you is durability, since you will have a comprehensive and very reliable device that keeps your skin protected.


What is our opinion on the Remington MB4560 shaver?

The Remington MB4560 shaver has Touch Control technology, which injects much more power into its cutting motor thanks to its lithium ion battery. It incorporates two adjustable combs between 3 and 42 mm, as well as a special comb that will help you shave the shortest beard.

The appearance of this Remington MB4560 beard shaver is very nice, looking elegant and very clean with a shiny and resistant chassis where you can view the information of the cutting length, battery levels, power and locking system.

If you like technology, surely you need a device like this in your personal care kit, since, having USB connectivity, you can charge it anywhere without too much effort. It weighs just 422g and is easy to transport thanks to its discreet dimensions.



This device requires only 90 minutes of charge and can operate with or without cable, with a system of self-sharpening blades that guarantee a long performance in every second of your shave. The interface is easy to use, being a very maneuverable shaver that adapts easily to the contours of your face, making a very smooth and uniform shave.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

The shaver incorporates some accessories that will simplify and increase the effectiveness of your cutting session. Next, we specify what you will find in the box.

Box Contents:

  • Shaving machine
  • Power cord
  • Manual
  • Travel case
  • Two trimming combs
  • Cleaning brush


Points to consider machine for shaving:

  • It’s wireless
  • Power boost system
  • Pro Power motor
  • Charges in 90 minutes
  • Autonomy 50 minutes
  • USB charging
  • LED panel

Opinion of Horacio Alzuro

“I have used this shaver on the body, beard and head, giving excellent results every time. Its trimmer is perfect for long hair, as it is high-power and constant. It is a silent machine, with a high-performance battery and it does not overheat. I recommend its purchase “.

Remington MB4560 Battery Life and Charging

This Remington MB4560 electric shaver charg s via USB, so you can connect to any computer or laptop without risk of compromising your device.

You can perform corded or cordless shaves, being a cordless device that only requires 90 minutes to accumulate full power in its lithium ion battery. This will give you the possibility of shaving for up to 50 minutes in a free, autonomous and simple way.

Design and materials of the Remington MB4560 electric shaver

This Remington MB4560 electric shaver is designed with ergonomics and good lines that allow the user a good handling and performance. It offers a solid and anti-slip grip, with a panel that occupies almost the entire front part, being attractive and technological. You will find it in a silver color combined with black, with titanium coated gold blades that make it look very attractive and elegant.

Shaver head and close

A hypoallergenic stainless steel head has been incorporated to prevent skin irritation or damage. Its titanium coating on its blades guarantees an impeccable cut in a very short time, guaranteeing consistency in this cutting system that removes the hair from the densest beard.

The Remington MB4560 has a fixed head, but its size allows it to easily adapt to the curves of your face, removing hair from areas such as the neck and chin in a very simple way. You can adjust a trimming comb, which helps you select the length of hair you want to cut.


Cleaning the Remington MB4560 shaver

Maintaining the Remington MB4560 will be very simple, since it includes a cleaning brush that helps you remove each of the particles that are accumulated on its blades. Removing these elements will be of great importance, since this prevents the generation of bacteria and germs that cause irritation over time.

How to shave with the Remington MB4560 machine

You can make shaves of different lengths, you just have to select the correct length and start shaving with this high-tech device offered by the Remington brand .

It offers a good response, good performance in its engine, and the USB charge allows you to connect it anywhere. Make multiple passes over the skin allowing the blades to catch even the most stubborn hair, avoiding irritation and improving your appearance significantly.

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