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The Wahl brand  has developed a multifunctional electric shaver for men, which allows you to obtain highly variable results and customize your appearance in detail. With interchangeable heads and a sturdy construction, this Wahl 9818 shaver will allow you to achieve good results thanks to its lithium ion battery and multiple trimming combs.

 It includes a large number of accessories and cutting elements, which guarantee impressive results that will allow you to change your appearance without any inconvenience. It is a professional electric shaver made with stainless steel, rechargeable and cordless, giving you incredible autonomy and good cutting power.


What is our opinion on the Wahl 9818 shaver?

This Wahl 9818 is one of the most relevant used by professionals in the world of haircutting and personal care maintenance. This trimmer demonstrates the level of reach of the Wahl brand, providing a device whose interchangeable heads allow to obtain different results when cutting.

You can maintain your beard, outline sideburns or remove hair from your nose and ears effectively. Being a wireless device, the Wahl 9818 allows you excellent maneuverability at all times, reaching the most difficult places and generating good stability and power for four hours.

Charge effectively in just 1 hour, with double the power of clipping power at all times. This Wahl 9818 shaver allows you to switch between 3 different heads, making your selection possibilities during your shaves really wide.



Its battery level LED indicator light will keep you constantly informed of when it needs to be recharged, providing multi-measure combs to keep your beard looking the way you always want. Its design is simple and minimalist, incorporating high-tech and powerful components inside, which will provide the user with very effective results in the shortest possible time.


What’s in the box and features of the razor

This Wahl 9818 shaver has a large number of elements that will help you keep your beard at the ideal length, remove nose and ear hairs and get maintenance and personal care quickly and safely.

Box contents:

  • Electric razor
  • 12 trimming combs
  • Four interchangeable heads
  • Cleaning brush
  • Hair comb
  • Power cable
  • Travel case
  • Additional comb


Points to consider about the shaving machine:

  • It’s wireless
  • Charge in 1 hour
  • Interchangeable heads
  • One minute fast charging system
  • 4 hours of autonomy
  • Battery indicator LED light
  • Automatic voltage adaptation

Opinion of Efraín López

“This electric shaver has given me exceptional results from the first shave. Although it is not compatible with water, it allows a very pleasant dry shave without irritation. It is very versatile and its many accessories allow a large number of possibilities of selection to the time to choose my style. “

Wahl 9818 Battery Life and Charging

The Wahl 9818 shaver features a one-minute fast-charging system, giving you enough power for a last-minute shave. After a 1-hour charging session, you will be able to tie enough energy in its battery to be able to achieve a range of up to 4 hours. 

Cuts and profiles efficiently with constant power that does not change at any time. Thanks to its lithium ion battery, this Wahl 9818 shaver is powerful and stable.

Shaver head and close

Its head is interchangeable, which will allow you to close, shave, trim nose hair and outline with its precision trimmer. Combs with different lengths can be placed and it always remains constant during cutting.

Each of its elements are made of steel and hard plastic, resulting hypoallergenic and very resistant, with rounded tips that protect the skin and take care of the user at all times.

Wahl 9818 Electric Shaver Design and Materials

Its design is simple, with a stainless steel finish, looking clean, impeccable and minimalist. The Wahl 9818 fits easily in the hand thanks to its size, and its different cutting elements are easily interchangeable and easy to clean.

Cleaning the Wahl 9818 shaver

This Wahl 9818 electric shaver has a cleaning brush that helps you remove the different residues that remain on its head after each pass. Make sure to keep their blades free to make a clean cut, avoiding pulling and snagging due to obstruction. It has a built-in lubricating oil, which will allow easy movement of its blades during cutting.

How to shave with the Wahl 9818 machine

Shaving with this machine is very simple, since, when doing a dry shave, you will not need to put shaving foam or gel on your face. Just by passing the surface of its head over your skin, this Wahl 9818 machine will generate a fast and irritation-free shave. Maintain your ears, nose, sideburns and beard without mishap, thanks to this high-end device created by the Wahl brand.


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